Despite the need to cut down on certain expenses, people will still prioritise visiting new places in 2024, in particular, two to three destinations throughout the year, reveals the Visa report “Global Travel Trends for 2024.”

According to the report, it is Generation Z that has been travelling the most, referring to the importance of the growth in the use of social networks, intrinsically linked to this generation, which consumes trips shared by influencers.

28% of tourists want to experience new adventures, while 25% of respondents prefer to visit destinations where they can leave their comfort zone. As such, destinations such as Latin America are gaining strong expression, despite Europe remaining the continent most visited by tourists.

Teleworking also allows greater flexibility when it comes to combining business trips with leisure moments, where travellers can extend their stay, to take advantage of the location's tourist offerings, says the study.

The same report highlights the ease of access to technological resources, which allow any type of reservation to be made online and securely, which facilitates online money transactions.

In this context, it confirms that the preferred payment method for travellers, especially when travelling internationally, is the credit card. Today, cash is used to pay just under a quarter of travel expenses, being used only to pay for small expenses – and generally, because local vendors do not accept other forms of payment.

In terms of accommodation, 71% of tourists prefer to stay in hotels, 40% in four-star hotels. According to Visa, travellers choose accommodations close to tourist attractions, free Wi-Fi and cancellation. The study also shows that more and more tourists are concerned about ecology during their trips.