According to the annual statistical report on Culture 2022, released on 7 December by INE, "there was a strong recovery in live shows, with the number of sessions, tickets sold and the value of revenues surpassing those recorded in the pre-pandemic years".

The data indicates that in 2022 live shows, such as concerts, theatre and dance, totalled €14.9 million spectators and generated €147.3 million at ticket offices revenue.

If the data is analysed broadly, the €147.3 million in revenue recorded in 2022 represents the highest value generated by live shows in Portugal since 1979.

In 2022, music concerts also registered the most spectators (€8.2 million) and generated the most box office revenue (€108.7 million).

It should also be stated that the average ticket price for live shows reached €22.2 in 2022, eight euros more expensive than in 2021.