Paulo Raimundo emphasised the seriousness of “a real problem that threatens the living conditions of the population” and small and medium-sized agriculture, because of the drought, which he described as the “policy of disinvestment in water capture, transportation and storage”.

“Faced with this problem, as always, it is necessary to make choices: either resolve this problem by defending the populations or use this serious problem as a pretext to further penalise the population and pave the way for another step in the privatisation of this essential asset, which is the right to access to water”, he noted.

He added that access to water for the Algarve population “is at stake” and that it was the communist municipality of Silves that stopped the price increases.

“It was due to the fact that in the Algarve there is a municipal council with a CDU majority that it was possible to stop the deep desire of the PS and PSD to, in the name of the drought, who want to impose a brutal increase in water tariffs for the population. Tell the story however you want, because the truth always comes out. If it weren’t for the Silves Council and the 400,000 people in the Algarve, next summer, they would be faced with brutal increases in water rates”, he reiterated.

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