The work is related to the contract for the rehabilitation of the Telheiras – Calçada de Carriche pipeline, “which includes the total replacement of one of the main pipelines supplying water to the city of Lisbon”, indicated EPAL - Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, responsible for the water supply in the capital.

In a statement, EPAL stated that today, April 15, work will begin on painting the horizontal signage on the carriageway, on Calçada de Carriche and Avenida Padre Cruz, which will cause restrictions on traffic towards Odivelas – Lisbon between Senhor Roubado and Avenida Rainha Dona Amélia.

This traffic restriction is expected to last until Tuesday, April 16, the day on which work on the road is expected to be completed, said the same source.

As part of restricting traffic circulation on Calçada de Carriche, EPAL apologizes for the inconvenience and recommends that “whenever possible, alternative routes be used to access the city of Lisbon”, giving as examples the CRIL [Circular Regional Interior de Lisbon or Complementary Itinerary IC17] or the Grilo Tunnel towards the Eixo Norte-Sul for motorists coming from the A8 - Autoestrada do Oeste.