“We had a sell-out Holistic Day in our studio.” Paul is pleased. Donations were split between Portimão’s Soup Kitchen and APAA. Attracting new clients and believers in an alternative lifestyle.

APAA’s Anita’s ‘Pop-Up’ table also raised money for SNiP and the continuing need for feeding cat colonies and helping abandoned dogs. Their Spaying and Neutering Programme has hit an all-time high. “We have also our volunteers and shops to thank.” Jenny is certain that their 30th Anniversary will be used to award donations to shelters and animal charities in special need. “Raising money through ‘Pop-Ups’, events, and sales are important. We can’t survive without that all-important factor of ‘people’ and of course money!” Their motto ‘Here to Help’ is never far away.

“Donations made in the past to ‘Wigglestail’, Tiny Shelter’, and an industrial washing machine to ARA are amongst the important VIP list. Also, Cadela Carlotta, who have now successfully purchased their land.” The list is long, but a panel of seven judges will sit to decide the successful “needy” for Team APAA’s next honours’ list. “It’s so important we all survive!” Right on! Neil and Karen, amongst the Algarvean newcomers expressing their wish to help. “We need people to do the work. Animals can’t speak for themselves.” Carlos? Jenny laughs. “Oh, he’s OK. Caught finally after being tempted by a female in the cage. He’ll be SNiP’d and returned to the cat colony.” Hmm. Minus his credentials.

Sunday 19 May Anita’s Super-duper Mad Hatter’s Buffet Lunch Garden Party Members 20€/Non 22€. Potted-Plants on sale.* 24 May Pop-Up classics at Manu’s (AKA Pescadora) Figueira including model boats All aboard! Sunday 12 May Ferragudo Car Boot Sale, weather permitting! New recipe jams and preserves. Watch for more ‘Pop-Up’ and events info.

Can’t do a ‘Pop-Up’ or event? Visit APAA’s Charity Shops in Alvor and Silves. Oodles of Ornaments, duvets, rugs, larger household items. Furniture. Friendly staff on site to chat and help. Save a trip? For special info on what’s in stock or looking for something specific email Jenny. Checkout Facebook.

All funds raised by APAA maintain cat colonies and abandoned often injured dogs. With SNiP APAA’s ongoing Spaying & Neutering Programme. APAA is always looking for good ideas, for cat food donations contact Jenny. See Contacts below. Lend a hand. Volunteers for Team APAA, are always made to feel welcome. Join now!

Anita’s Mad Hatter’s lunch; Book with Jenny (+351) 919 041 903 Also a chance to talk to ‘Holistic’ Paul (event fully booked!).

General Jenny: info.apaaportugal@gmail.com

Cat Colonies: zelia.santos@live.co.uk