The principal work in this concert will be Beethoven´s monumental Hammerklavier Sonata (no 29 op 106), reputed to be one of the most challenging solo works in the classical piano repertoire. Its first documented public performance was in 1836 when it was played in Paris by another genius at the keyboard, Franz Liszt. Directions to Quintinha da Música and reservations at €25 per person may be had through Peter at

By way of a complete musical contrast, Peter this month concentrates on one of the fundamental elements of Portuguese culture, the music and lyrics of fado. He shows that the origins of the different forms of fado and its defining musical format are the subjects of continuing debate, as fado singers continue to vary their accompaniments from the traditional guitars. This music form is often difficult for us foreigners to understand because many of the lyrics are incomprehensible to us as they are sung in Portuguese.

For this reason, Peter illustrates his presentation with ten fados, together with the translations of the lyrics into English. Peter´s presentations will be in the municipal libraries on Tuesday 28 May at 18h00 in Lagoa; and on Friday 31 May at 11:00 in Tavira. As usual, there will be the opportunity to donate to the running costs of the Association.