A pop-up Foster Café, aiming to bring shelter dogs into the community with hopes to increase fostering and adoptions. This innovative effort connected potential adopters with lovable rescue dogs in a relaxed, social setting.

The Pop-Up Foster Café Experience

Cadela Carlota's multilingual volunteers, joining from Portugal, England, Finland, Germany, the USA, Wales, and the Netherlands, created an atmosphere designed to be inviting and comfortable, encouraging potential fosterers and adopters to spend quality time with the animals. Each of the six adoptable dogs were accompanied by their dedicated volunteer, who were able to share firsthand knowledge of the dog's background, personality, and needs, making it easier for visitors to identify their perfect match.

What Happens Next?

On the back of its inaugural success, the pop-up Foster Café aims to partner with more dog-friendly businesses across the Lagos area, with events and activities planned to draw attention to the cause. Adoption counsellors from Cadela Carlota will be on-site to assist with any questions.

By bringing shelter dogs into a community space, the initiative not only raises awareness but also offers a tangible way for people to make a difference in the lives of these animals.

Quote from lead volunteer Stella

“We would like to thank everyone involved for their contribution! We've all had equally as much work and equally as much fun with it - and for absolute sure we had equally as much heart and soul involved! We are very happy with the result of this great team effort!”

Contact Information

For more information about the pop-up Foster Café, about foster options and adoptions, or how you can support Cadela Carlota Animal Rescue Association, please contact:

info@cadela-carlota.com or visit their website at www.cadela-carlota.com.