We all could give many examples of how we’d aided people in different ways and we were feeling really good. When it came to the meditation part of the gathering, we were shown that key words for us to focus on are, ‘receive’ and ‘believe’. When we began to dig deeper, it began to dawn on us that, if we wanted to grow and develop emotionally, these two words required more thought.


We came to the idea that to believe is about accepting our worthiness, that we merit love, and acceptance, not just from those around us but from ourselves. We are good at offering love to others, but how good are we at accepting it? Even more than that, how proficient are we at loving ourselves? Is it even part of our inner landscape to love and accept ourselves for whom we truly are?

Once we believe in who we are and appreciate our right to be loved and accepted by ourselves, then the question arises, how do we put this into action? We can start with something simple such as accepting compliments and can work towards putting our mental health and wellbeing first. For example, you’ve had a busy week at work, and you’ve been invited to a party. Although they’re a great group of friends, with whom you get on well, you’re shattered from a frenetic week. Instead of making an excuse why you can’t come, you’re true to yourself and them, and explain that you need time alone to take care of yourself, to allow your inner self to be built back up. When others see us treating ourselves in a nurturing way, and being true to ourselves, then they start to act that way towards us too, as we are modelling how we would like to be treated.


When accepting ourselves becomes part of our daily practice, it’s time to tackle the idea of ‘receive’. Receive can mean allowing ourselves to accept help, to do activities which we enjoy, from which we receive a feeling of fulfilment.

It’s interesting that often we give to others what we’d like to receive for ourselves: being a listening ear, choosing thoughtful gifts, boosting someone’s esteem, bigging them up. But who does that for us? I would like to suggest that we can initially. We can start practicing this for ourselves, sow the seeds of receiving from ourselves, and then we will get in the habit and will start being able to accept from others.

I’ll leave you now to plant the seeds that resonate and nurture the seedlings to create a garden of self-love and acceptance.

I wish you a truly magical month.


Sally saw Angels as a child and could occasionally see and feel people who had passed over. This ability grew as she got older and she now gives readings, as well as channelling Ascended Masters. She often works with Mary Magdalene and channels information from Lord Kuthumi. She is available for readings and spiritual development sessions both online and in person (heaven2heart). 

Sally Hinchcliffe