"In order to contribute to the reduction of accidents, increase traffic fluidity, and promote the eradication of the phenomenon of illegal racing, average speed road control and inspection will be implemented, with its entry into operation scheduled for 00:00 on June 15, 2024".

According to the GNR, during the testing phase, which took place over three months, more than 100,000 vehicles were controlled, with 275 very serious infractions being verified (181 Km/h to 277 Km/h), 1,109 serious infractions (151 Km/h to 180 Km/h), 23,601 minor infractions (121 Km/h to 150 Km/h). The highest average speed registered in this period was 277 Km/h.

The implementation of proactive safety measures on the Vasco da Gama Bridge is justified by the high traffic intensity, frequent congestion, and road accidents, often serious, due to excessive speed.