INE indicates that “at the beginning of 2024 there continued to be historic highs in monthly passenger numbers at national airports”, with an average of 101.5 thousand passengers disembarking per day in April (above the daily average of April 2023).

In April alone, national airports handled 6.0 million passengers (2.3% more year-on-year).

Between January and April, France was the main country of origin and destination for flights, although there was a drop in the number of passengers disembarked (-2.4%) and boarded (-2.4%) compared to the same period of 2023. The United Kingdom and Spain occupied second and third position, respectively, Germany fourth and Italy fifth.

Still, in the first four months of 2024, Lisbon Airport handled 53.4% ​​of total passengers (10.5 million, a year-on-year variation of 5.2%) and Porto Airport 23.0% of the total (4. 5 million passengers, 5.6% more year-on-year). Faro Airport handled 2.1 million passengers (change of 2.4%).