Regardless, the major sell off for Ethereum coin has sparked speculation that the whale could be targeting other Ethereum-based tokens like the newly launched Rollblock (RBLK). With its diverse gameplay and astute crypto-encrypted gambling protocol, this presale token is showcasing signs of dominance in the GameFi market.

Rollblock (RBLK) Poses As The Next GambleFi Token To Win Whale’s Interest

Rollblock (RBLK) has more than enough under its belt to become the next hot choice among traders, investors and even whales. The token has not only increased by 40% above its starting price, but has also raised over $750,000 in its current stage 3 presale. But much more than its current feat is Rollblock’s ecosystem which currently stands as one of the most exciting and forward-thinking Gamble-Fi protocols in the GameFi market.

This unique GamebleFi token platform has leveraged blockchain technology in the best ways for crypto online gaming. With a focus on adept security, privacy and easy accessibility, where users don’t have to go through any KYC authentication process, experts are convinced of Rollblock’s potential to become the best crypto to buy. Topping it up a notch, there are over 150 casino games to choose from and over 20 cryptocurrencies that can be transacted with on Rollblock.

Meanwhile, Rollblock’s native token – $RBLK, is only selling for $0.014 right now, haven risen from $0.01. Given its rapid ascent in the early stages, analysts are predicting up to 100% rise before the end of June. But even better, once $RBLK starts listing on top-tier exchanges, it can potentially see more growth, and possibly achieve a 100x GameFi token status. Before finalizing, there’s also a revenue share model and a buyback and burn strategy that Rollblock employs to reward its users and also enhance the $RBLK’s value.

This revenue share model entails Rollblock using up to 30% of its weekly revenue to buy back its tokens from the open market. It then allocates 50% of these tokens for staking rewards while the other 50% are burned, reducing its supply which in turn can potentially increase the demand and value of the $RBLK token. This mechanism is a forward thinking and rewarding system that is sure to rank Rollblock among top altcoins to buy in 2024.

This Whale Missed PEPE Coin’s 50% Profit Before Finally Selling Massively for ETH

Between May 14 and May 15, a certain whale investor bought PEPE tokens at the price of $0.000011 per token, which was worth around $127 million. After this market decision, following a meme coin market frenzy, Pepe coin saw an all-time high of $0.00001718, allowing the investors holdings realize over 50% gain as the total worth of the holdings peaked at $1.94 million.

However, instead of taking in this profit, the whale decided to keep holding, and unfortunately, Pepe coin fell substantially reducing the worth of the whale’s holdings back to $1.27 million, before he finally swapped this for 366 $ETH coins.

Ethereum Token Ranks Among Top Altcoins To Hold Now Due To High Bullish Ratings

Ethereum (ETH) has always signaled itself a strong cryptocurrency for massive investments so it’s no wonder that this certain whale chose to invest in Ethereum by selling off up to $127 million worth of Pepe tokens.

In the past month, Ethereum has maintained a 12.50% rise as the token is refusing to stay below the crucial $3,500 threshold. With constant development and upgrades going on with Ethereum network, coupled with its potential as the most valued token in the altcoin market, ETH price may most likely surpass its $4,891 ATH this year.

To Supersede The Likes of PEPE and ETH, What Are Rollblock’s Plans for Expansion?

The unique crypto casino platform has many plans in check to skyrocket its growth in the altcoin and GameFi market. This includes viral marketing campaigns, mobile app development, brand ambassador initiatives, influencer marketing efforts, platform assessments and developments which will all help to establish Rollblock’s football in the mulit-billion dollar gaming industry.

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