The general outline of the next vaccination campaign was presented by the Director-General of Health, Rita Sá Machado, and the next campaign should begin in the second half of September, with mass vaccination expected to take place between October and December.

Rita Sá Machado, who was speaking in Lisbon at a session presenting the final results of the 2023/2024 vaccination campaign and the next 2024/2025 campaign, recalled that the last campaign took place between September 29 of last year and the end of April, totalling more than four million vaccines against flu and covid-19.

In relation to the 2022/2023 campaign, flu vaccination coverage was maintained but there was a decrease in coverage against Covid-19, a phenomenon of reduction that happened all over the world, said the Director-General of Health.

Rita Sá Machado also said that next season, vaccination with a high-dose flu vaccine will be extended to people aged 85 and over and to people in support institutions, such as nursing homes.

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