About 500 nurses who have been working for between 10 and 20 years are still earning the same as a newly graduated nurse because the length of service is not being updated. The Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve (CHUA) does not progress nurses with Individual Employment Contract and ARS Algarve does not progress those who had a salary adjustment for the first remuneration position of the new Career. But both institutions signed these commitments in 2019.

This non-compliance determined a clarification campaign with the population and political leaders, as well as the collection of signatures for the public petition “Support the Nurses of the Algarve”. Copies of the more than 4,600 signatures of thousands citizens were handed over to the CHUA administration and will be sent to ARS Algarve, Prime Minister, Minister of Health and will be delivered to the Assembly of the Republic.

In a meeting with deputies elected by the Algarve from the PS, PSD, BE and the deputy of the European parliament of the PCP, it was assumed that the written commitments are to be fulfilled.

Nurses continue to be at the frontline and at risk. There is a lack of material for clinical consumption in some Health Centres in the Region and recent reports have come from professionals and users stating that they have had to buy their own materials.