Armed Forces investment “is as relevant” as in health

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The Minister of National Defense, João Gomes Cravinho, has highlighted the role of the Armed Forces in combating the Covid-19 pandemic and defended that public investment in this area “is as relevant” as health or education.

Gomes Cravinho participated in the opening of the seminar "The Portuguese Army in the National Response to Covid-19 - Experience and Challenges", an initiative that took place at the Military Academy, in Amadora (district of Lisbon), within the scope of the Army Day celebrations.

In the intervention, the defense official started by making a “frankly positive” assessment of the “response of the Armed Forces, and in particular of the Army, to this pandemic”, and stressed that "all Portuguese can be proud of this performance".

"I believe that there has been a widely shared consensus in our society that the Armed Forces have been a critical element, a differentiating element, which has ensured a unique support, an indispensable support for other governance structures", he advocated, listing that the military personnel have supported, for example, health, prisons, schools, homes and also civil protection.

In the view of the Minister of Defense, "this is a moment in which it must be stressed that this level of readiness cannot be achieved without investment".

"Public investment in ready and credible Armed Forces is as relevant as public investment in the health, education or infrastructure of our country. It is up to the State to ensure that the level of national resilience that the Armed Forces guarantees is maintained, as the ultimate backing of the well-being of our society ", he also stressed.


Warning! Armed forces shall never assist police or participate in any work regarding civilians in a time of peace. When military are used against the population in any form or shape it is the inicial step towards dictatorship.

The lock downs in Spain, Italy, Portugal, UK, Australia, Canada and France and other locations for a common flu is a vialation of every EU and nation state charter rights.

Can someone explain how or why the virus disappear by banning travel between 30 Oktober and third day in November?

Peter Hitchens radio and youtube interview regarding face masks is something everyone should listen, the interview touch on many interesting details about the madness now going on in the world.

By the way in New York jews are now harassed in public and called virus spreaders, history appears to repeat itself, again...

By Magnus from Other on 26-10-2020 09:02

Being American we have had limited Military in civil life. Question is how your military is structured base on function and purpose. I went through military training in the old days before lawyers dictate abilities of military forcing American to lose. Military is NOT used in civilian life unless really need and need is clear and with time period why. Founding fathers saw what military directions can do to civil life. Military is function of protection and up to WW 2 American military was small. Still military use by the fed government is not done for state has to ask for it then President decides if he should. Each state has their guard they can call on then polices. Police function, National Guard is part military then Military and do not want Military train soldiers acting like police they do not get training for that. Support police if needed yes.

Today American military has to many lawyers and bad leadership for fighting ability is great but do to political influences and DC capital lobbyist socialist influences has wasted lot o money and life. Lawyers never want you to win.

Bad ideas destroy values of good military and putting the military dealing with political issues undermines their basic need for any country.

In American there is what called the guard where every state has and in need they can call up fast. That military training that back up the standing military so local areas government in time of need can call on.

Military is a full time job if it has clear purpose to defend from out side the country. Deciding how big a military to defend and be part of other military that takes money and focus just on that. Do NOT make military the all powerful state police that makes them weak. Define situation and people jobs save money and confusion and increases effectiveness in Portugal as a country.

I have been war where people are trying kill you it not fun. Leadership is a challenge and more political the more confusing. Political hurt military primary function defined borders, country base on Constitutional freedom values and way of life.

This virus government reaction using military is NOT good image for it make military police state enforcing RULES of the day and citizens have NO legal rights anymore. One lives with NO freedom NO law and order makes poverty and pain.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 25-10-2020 05:42
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