BE and PCP alert for installation of super intensive olive grove near houses in Estremoz

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The installation of a super-intensive olive grove in Veiros, in the municipality of Estremoz (district of Évora), a few metres from the houses, is worrying the population due to the impacts it can cause on health and environment, according to PCP and BE.

The two parties, in separate communiqués, expressed this concern of the population of Veiros, especially of the residents of Baldio da Eira, because the preparation of land for the installation of the olive grove, which requires the "intense use of phytopharmaceuticals", is taking place close to the houses.

The Directorate of the Regional Organization of Évora (DOREV) of the PCP states in a statement that agricultural crops associated with intensive and super-intensive production regimes are characterized by "requiring the intense use of phytopharmaceuticals", and it is natural that "populations are concerned with the impacts on health, on the environment and consequently on the quality of life".

"In this case, there are increased concerns about the protection of people's health, as cultures abut housing, alongside concerns about the possibility of contamination of aquifers and air and soil erosion in the medium term", adds the statement.

The PCP has alerted the Government and “presented solutions for the problem to be solved through the control and monitoring of already existing cultures". In addition, it has asked for the definition of rules that prevent the expansion of the area dedicated to intensive and super intensive cultures and limit their installation in areas adjacent to population centres or residential areas.

The PCP "requires the Government to clarify the conditions in which those cultures are being installed in Veiros and to intervene in order to ensure the populations their health and the quality of life to which they are entitled".

Therefore, he asked for clarifications from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action.

Also in a statement, the BE District Coordinating Committee of Évora indicates that work is underway in Veiros to install a super-intensive olive grove 10 metres from the houses.

Some residents have expressed their concerns to the party, as "pesticides and fungicides" will be applied to the olive grove, whose spraying will "affect air quality". The situation, adds the note, "endangers quality of life and health, since the harmful effects of these products on human health are known".

"The impacts in relation to the pollution of land and surface water and groundwater are also relevant, given the large use of agrochemicals in these super-intensive olive groves", adds the statement.

BE also mentions that it has already addressed parliamentary questions to the Minister of Agriculture and to the Minister of Environment and Climate Action, to obtain clarifications on whether these government officials are aware of the installation of the olive grove and what "steps they are going to take to protect the houses and the population of Veiros".

According to information obtained by the party, it is a project approved by the Ministry of Agriculture for "financing with national and community monies", within the scope of the Rural Development Programme (PDR) 2020.


"Super-intensive" sounds like it will also be mechanical harvesting....say "goodbye" to all the song birds too...

By William from Other on 27-02-2020 02:59
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