In a long explanation posted on Saturday, 20 June, on its Facebook page, the sports club reports how it was requested to hold the birthday party, which took place in the club's ballroom, on 7 June, and which resulted in the infection of 90 people with covid-19, according to data provided by health authorities.

The club's management states that the clarification aims to “expose the truth of the facts, in the first person, without subterfuge or untruth, assuming as always”, all its responsibilities, wishing “at last, that as soon as possible, this episode will be finished and without further consequences”.

“We feel extremely injured and deceived by everything that has happened”, he says, adding that, “from the first hour”, they made all the statements, “with transparency, although, quite naturally, very sad and shaken by the unfolding of all events”.

The club says that it was a private individual that requested the use of the club's lounge for “a family and private birthday party for a maximum of 20 people”.

“Request to which the club responded positively, acting on the basis of good faith, after much consideration and taking into account the large size of the hall, the maximum number of people previously agreed upon, the protective care, hygiene and the distance that everyone we are subject in our relationships according to the general directives in force”, he stresses.

However, he says, around 6:30pm, “the number of people already exceeded what was agreed”, with the club's management “immediately” reporting the situation to GNR, who cancelled the party and identified the organiser.

Immediately, the entire building and its surroundings were disinfected and tests were carried out on the covid-19 to the club employees and some members of the management, with an employee who was positive, “but that was not transmitted on 7 June".

“Given the real repercussions of this very sad and unfortunate event, in its human and economic dimensions, with enormous upheavals for the municipality, region and country, we want to leave our most sincere and humble apology for the tragic dimension in which it has become our positive response to the request to hold a family and private birthday party in our club's ballroom,” he stresses in the statement.

On Friday, 19 June, the Minister of Justice asked the Attorney General's Office for the intervention of the Public Ministry to "institute indemnity actions against prosecutors" for the illegal party in Odiáxere.

The health authorities of the Algarve had already expressed, in a press conference, the desire to be given responsibilities to the event organisers.

The party was attended by people from different counties and of different nationalities, having been infected among people of the same family, including children and also among co-workers.

The outbreak caused by that party has already caused the suspension of visits to users in 24 social facilities in the western Algarve, in a total of 13 structures - including nursing homes, long-term care units, youth and mental health homes -, located in eight counties.