"The PS parliamentary group understands that it is indispensable to question Vítor Constâncio, as well as the then-vice-governor Pedro Duarte Neves, in view of the inexplicable omission of their statements in this regard in the Committee of Inquiry," said Carlos Caesar, in a statement to Lusa.

Portuguese newspaper Publico reported that Constâncio omitted from the parliament that in 2007 when he was governor of Banco de Portugal (BdP) he authorised investor José Berardo to withdraw €350 million from Caixa Geral de Depósitos to buy shares of BCP.

According to Público, this omission calls into question the testimony of 28 March at the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the management of the CGD, when the former vice president of the European Central Bank said that the BdP could not know that the CGD would finance Berardo before the credit was given.

After this news, PSD, Left Bloc (BE), CDS – People's Party and the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) announced that they will request a new hearing from Constâncio in the Committee of Inquiry on the Caixa, as well as access to the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors of Banco de Portugal