COVID 19 - 20 March Portugal Update

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Confirmed cases in Portugal up 30% to 1,020

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Portugal has risen to 1,020 today (20 March), up from 785 yesterday representing a 30.4 percent increase in 24 hours.

Of the confirmed cases 126 have been hospitalised, with 26 cases requiring treatment in intensive care units.

The number of suspected cases, according to the bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), has risen to 7,732 cases, up 27.6 percent in 24 hours. There are 850 cases awaiting laboratory results and a further 9,008 are being monitored by the authorities.

Of the confirmed cases: 506 are in the north, 361 are in the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo region, 106 are in the central region, 29 are in the Algarve, three in the Azores,two in the Alentejo and one in Madeira.

A total of six people have now died from the coronavirus in Portugal while five have recovered.


thanks so much for the easy access you have created to this web page. We have a son and daughter in law living near Porto and your covid-19 graphic and articles are easy to read and very informative. Your writers and editors deserve praise. Keep up the good fight with the people of Portugal who are fortunate to have a professional free press.

By robert boudoin from USA on 01-04-2020 08:17

David Watson you thick wallop, no it is absolutely NOT OKAY to travel anywhere! Stay on your ass you waste of oxygen

By Adam K from Other on 23-03-2020 11:24

Is it still alright to go to the algarve

By David Watson from UK on 22-03-2020 07:02

Hi, I have been watching the WHO website for daily statistics, but it does not appear to be as up to date as your graph. Is it possible to advise the link so everyone can look at it from home please?

Stay Safe

By Sarah from Algarve on 21-03-2020 09:33

Always money before lives especially the old poor and redundant ,next you play god by letting those die that you feel ,are to costly to save ,as in Italy and Spain a couple of weeks ago you impatiently awaited this virus as if it was welcome now you don't know how to cope ,with this terror you welcomed,by keeping the doors open for business u let in a terror and collapse our country from the inside ,now no bussiness , health or longevity, only misery for years to come and the old dying with no say as they were the ones traveling the world and galavanting like there is no tommorow,sis on you all individuals,organizations, and governments worldwide ,u have once again failed the innocent the weak the poor the voiceless and the old,which includes your own families older and younger or weaker than you. May the same fate befall you that u have failed to stop,due to your greed and negligence may those innocent raise up and hold you untouchables accountable and may God so too.May history look back at what's happening now,and put the blame squarely on you. May God have mercy on the innocent!

By Joao Carlos Bastos from Other on 20-03-2020 09:24
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