Here is the list of the 30 announced measures:

1. Exceptional human resources regime, covering:

(i) suspension of overtime limits;

(ii) simplifying the hiring of workers;

(iii) worker mobility;

(iv) hiring retired doctors without being subject to age limits.

2. Prevention regime for professionals in the health sector directly involved in the diagnosis and specialized laboratory response.

3. Exceptional regime for the purchase of services by organs, agencies, services and entities of the Ministry of Health.

4. Exceptional regime for the composition of medical boards for assessing people with disabilities.


5. Educational establishments (schools, universities, daycare centres, ATL):

- Suspension of all classroom activities (teaching and non-teaching) in person, starting on Monday and for a period of two weeks.

- Revaluation on 9 April ??regarding the 3rd period.

Social services:

6. Homes:

Suspension of visits to homes across the national territory.


7. Restaurants and bars:

Maximum capacity reduction by 1/3.

8. Nightclubs and the like:


9. Shopping centres, supermarkets, gyms and public services:

Frequency limitations to ensure the possibility of maintaining social distance.


10. Allocation of justified absences for workers who have to stay at home to accompany their children up to 12 years of age, due to the suspension of classroom activities (and cannot use telework).

Exceptional financial support for employees referred to above, in the amount of 66 percent of the basic remuneration (33 percent paid by the employer, 33 percent paid by Social Security).

Exceptional financial support for self-employed workers mentioned above, in the amount of 1/3 of the average remuneration.

11. Extraordinary support to reduce the economic activity of self-employed workers and defer payment of contributions.

12. Creation of extraordinary support for vocational training, in the amount of 50 percent of the worker's remuneration up to the limit of the national minimum wage, plus the cost of training, for the situations of workers not employed in productive activities for considerable periods.

13. Guarantee of social protection for trainees and trainers in the course of training actions, as well as for beneficiaries engaged in active employment policies who are prevented from attending training actions.

14. Situation of 14-day prophylactic isolation equated with illness for the purposes of social protection measures. The subsidy amount corresponds to 100 percent of the remuneration and without being subject to a waiting period.

15. Sickness allowance is not subject to a waiting period (3 and 10 days).


16. Credit line to support companies' treasury of 200 million Euros.

17. Credit line for micro companies in the tourism sector worth 60 million Euros.

18. Simplified 'lay off': Extraordinary support for the maintenance of employment contracts in a company in a business crisis situation, in the amount of 2/3 of the remuneration, ensuring Social Security the payment of 70 percent of this amount, the remainder being supported by employer.

Training scholarship from the Employment and Vocational Training Institute.

Promotion, in the contributory scope, of an exceptional and temporary regime of exemption from the payment of social security contributions during the lay-off period by employers.

19. Measures to accelerate payments to companies by the public administration.

20. PT 2020:

(i) Payment of incentives within 30 days;

(ii) Extension of the repayment term for credits granted within the scope of the National Strategic Reference Framework or PT 2020;

(iii) Eligibility of expenses incurred with cancelled international events;

21. Extraordinary financial incentive to ensure the normalization phase of the activity (up to a minimum wage per worker).

22. Strengthening the response capacity of IAPMEI - Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation and Tourism in Portugal in assisting the impact caused by Covid-19.

23. Extension of deadlines for payment of taxes and other declaratory obligations.

Civil protection:

24. Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health will declare alertness across the country, putting civil protection means and security forces and services on standby.

25. Application of an exceptional service exemption regime for firefighters called to reinforce aid in Covid-19.

26. Creation of a national reserve of personal protective equipment for medical emergencies intended for fire brigades.


27. Ban on disembarking passengers from cruise ships.


28. Exceptional regime for suspension of periods, just impediment, justification of absences and postponement of due diligence.

Public administration:

29. Exceptional regime for public procurement, expenditure authorization and administrative authorization to respond to the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic.

30. Responsibility of expired documents presented to public authorities.