DGS asks the Portuguese population for “discipline”

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The Director-General of Health has said that the Portuguese population "has to be very disciplined, cohesive and organized" to "be part of the solution", because the new coronavirus has its dynamics, which if it is not contradicted it will spread.

"We have to be very disciplined, very cohesive, very well organized. We are all part of the solution because the virus has its dynamics and if we don't counter it, it will spread. We are all part of the solution because the virus has its dynamics and if we don't counteract it, it will spread”, pointed out Graça Freitas.

The Director-General of Health spoke at the daily press conference to update data on the pandemic in Portugal, in which she was asked about the speeches heard on Thursday, 16 April, that pointed to a beginning of the lifting of restrictions from May, even though it was decided to prolong the state of emergency.

Graça Freitas stressed that the return to normal activity will be done "in a balanced way", pointing out that the Portuguese population "will have to learn to live with three different dynamics: those of health services, that of society and that of the virus itself".

"If we manage to do this, we will not abolish the negative effects of the pandemic, but at least we will mitigate and reduce it, conciliating with what we want to return to having a social and economic activity as we had before the covid era," she said.


I dont know why you mention the word discipline maybe you should walk around and see if people are disaplined,sadly not and your going to open up the Algarve to all the hardest areas where the Covid 19 is still going strong,some discipline wont help again sadly,we reap what we sow.
The beaches should be opened because the bacteria in the water is good for us provided the 2 metre distance is observed of course.

By Bobby S from Algarve on 08-05-2020 11:57

The Portuguese Government asks for discipline and compliance with the law and they are the first ones to break it by releasing hundreds of over 60-years old uprisoners. Wrongly but politically correct it appears that the Government move tries to be an easy way to minimize the impact Covid-19 pandemic on the prisons management! At the same time law abiding citizens are basically under house arrest! Endangered by the virus may now also fall victims of hardened criminals many of whom are destitute and no place to go!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 19-04-2020 07:48

Maybe the opposite of discipline would be required? What is needed is a lot more questioning of the measures taken and their effect on livelihoods compared to what is achieved. I am aware that Portugal isn't in it on its own and a lot depends on the other EU countries. But, think about the consequences.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 18-04-2020 09:20
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