Europe ranks Portugal’s North, Centre, Lisbon and Algarve as ‘red risk’

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The European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) has published the first map of Covid-19 risk areas after the decision of the various countries of the European Union to adopt common criteria when defining travel restrictions.

This map is to be published once a week and takes into account two indicators: the number of positive cases in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants and the percentage of tests done that gave positive results.

It categorises regions in three colours, green, orange and red, from lowest to highest risk.

Four of seven Portuguese regions, the North, Centre, Algarve and Lisbon and Tagus Valley regions, have been categorised as ‘red’, along with regions in 12 other European countries.


By Henk from Lisbon on 20-10-2020 12:20

If you go to the ECDC website and check the "COVID-19 situation update for the EU/EEA and the UK, as of 19 October 2020" you'll find the map there.

By Annie from Algarve on 20-10-2020 09:35

Newsonline mostly triggers something without giving full information... totally useless. If you write i.e. Ice cream is expensive, then tell us how expensive...and compared to ...... this is true for a lot of published articles...

By Comment from Algarve on 20-10-2020 04:42

Re the first Cov 19 map inthe article. Why not show it?

By Tor Fusdahl from Other on 19-10-2020 11:47

Maybe the CEO of ECDC is Donald Trump,,,,,,,

Maybe the CEO of ECDC is Donald Trump or John Cleese!!!

By Jeremy from Algarve on 18-10-2020 11:58

How do we access this travel map?
Not heard of this in UK media

By David from UK on 17-10-2020 11:56

Where is the map and where are the stats?

By Anne Greeb from UK on 17-10-2020 07:02

What makes the Algarve Red ? There doesn’t seem to be many daily cases and it seems pretty safe. Is it a lack of testing which underreports cases numbers ?

By David S from Algarve on 16-10-2020 06:00
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