Another 21 deaths and 2608 infected with covid-19 in Portugal

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Portugal has today set another new record high for new coronavirus infections for the third consecutive day

Not since April 3 has the country seen such a high number of deaths in 24 hours.

Today's DGS epidemiological bulletin reveals an additional 2,608 new infections with the virus and 21 more deaths since yesterday.

Since the beginning of the pandemic 95,902 people have been infected with the virus in Portugal, and has registered a total of 2,149 deaths.


Summary so far is that the number of death is 2% of the number of infected.
If we assume that
* It death percantage will be the same
* That the time from symptoms to death is around 2 weeks

=> We can estimate 2% of 2 600 death per day in two weeks time
=> 50 death per day.

And that we do not want to see.
Time to be serius and start keeping the distance everwhere and always.
Which is not the case today.

By Erik from Algarve on 16-10-2020 08:08
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