The support, which will run until 30 June, was implemented as part of a series of initiatives promoted by the Faro City Council to combat the effects of the pandemic crisis on families, companies and associations.

In a statement, the municipality said that the measure covers people residing in the municipality, uninterruptedly, for more than three years, who are in a disadvantaged socio-economic situation, who are not beneficiaries of other support for the same purpose and who present a rate of aggregate effort equal to or greater than 40 percent.

Anyone wishing to place an order will have to submit a form, which may request clarification regarding the conditions of access in the division of social intervention and participatory policies of the municipality, during normal business hours, by calling 289 870 869 or by email

Applications can be submitted directly, subject to the functioning of the services at any time, according to the evolution of the pandemic, at the Balcão Único do Município, at Loja do Cidadão, or in that division.

Orders can also be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the division's address - at Praça José Afonso, no. 1, 8000-173 Faro - or by email.

The rules stipulated for the granting of emergency municipal lease support by the municipality are in force until 30 June, 2020.