Portuguese and British reservations increase in the Algarve

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Algarve hotels are beginning to see a slight rise in reservations for July and August, mainly from Portuguese and British tourists, despite the uncertainty that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused.

This is according to the region’s largest hotel and resort association AHETA.

Online lodging site Airbnb also says customers are booking longer vacations and are looking for larger spaces where they can stay with their families.


Merci à tous ceux qui préfèrent la reprise du travail par les portugais qui ont su s’autodiscipliner pour se protéger.Non au profit des intérêts financiers qui tombent ds les caisses des magnas.Les portugais sont très courageux,travailleurs,et endurants.La vie la sant d’abord.Attendons solidairement en serrant les coudes et les dents des jours meilleurs pour reprendre des activités à grands risques.La troïka en 2009 nous a habitué à endurer et nous entr’aider.FORCE aux courageux.Protégeons nos vies et nos familles.

By AMICE Elise from Algarve on 14-05-2020 02:30

Life instead of money every time. We rely on one income from our yurt, living hand to mouth all year. We have made the decision to not let our yurt, probably all year. We do not want to put our community at risk. So, a really tough year - we may now know how dog rice tastes lol

By Sally Georgina from Porto on 02-05-2020 02:17

It is to early to let other people in from other countries. I know it's hard but it's the best way. I want to retire Portugal but I will wait

By John Duggan from Other on 01-05-2020 12:22

I agree that it's only greedy people that worry about money and economy without regard for people and life.
They are looking up to the politicians and businessmen who are well protected and live well. They don't care about no one except themselves and their interests.
Please don't let no one into our beautiful country Portugal and their people. Stand-up to these businesses and political leaders and look after the best interests, that's people, lives. I'm if the opinion as previous comment says, after the 2nd WW Braitain and other European countries were rebuilt with hardwork and longer working hours. I am of the opinion that, 'The economy can be rebuilt with people, but without people no economy will ever be rebuilt'.
If economists, engineers, lawyers and professionals keep dieing of the pandemic along with the masses of the population, how will any economy be rebuilt?
Greedy enterprises that are not even living in the country are allowing for business as usual, they should be taken to task for any further loss of lives. They should be held accountable in the future after everything has returned to normal, to pay up their millions gained for the millions of lives that may be lost and they should also be held accountable to support the families that lost their bread winners and loved ones because of their greed. This should also be said about their respective governments wherever they are locally based or internationally represented. Irrespective of their geographical locations, they must be brought to book and accountable for their greediness.
Please, once again Do Not allow anyone from any foreign high risk country to enter Portugal, no matter where it may be, the Algarve, Lisbon, Porto or any other small town. If this is allowed the local people and health professionals are the ones who are going to suffer the most, because once these foreigner's leave, who is going to rebuild the local economy and people's lives?

This is my common sense plea to the intelligent and responsible people and citizens.

By Anthony from Other on 01-05-2020 09:59

I know the Algarve relies heavily on tourism but it would be nice if the Algarve was credited for being a country that halted it due to Corona virus, the main visitors would be from Countries with very high numbers putting people here at a greater risk than they are at now. Getting local economy is vital and it will recover , holiday makers will always come next year and consecutive years. Keep the Algarve safe from people bringing the virus with them on holiday !

By Vivienne Green from Algarve on 01-05-2020 08:17

I and my family from Ireland had reservations there too. We go to the Algarve 3 times a year. Out of respect for the portugese people we cancelled 2 and are waiting for the other to be cancelled. The people of the algarve deserve to make a call when they will comfortably accept people form other countries in their domain. Their home and their life. Well done to you you people. You should be proud. I look forward to experiencing your beautiful land again when you feel right.
The Nolan Clan from Eire

By Brian Nolan from Other on 01-05-2020 12:37

Totally agree, Mr. Blore. I know how important tourism is to Algarve, but if influential interests are allowed to put short term profit before lives and livelihoods the the efforts of Algarvians thus far will have been for nought.

By Clive Stott from Algarve on 30-04-2020 08:12

Let's live finally!
People can always close their door or stay at home if they are too afraid to get sick.

By Cozy Ribeiro from Algarve on 30-04-2020 06:12

I agree opening the Algarve for tourists to early will be wrong especially those coming from high risk countries.

By Carol carpenter from Other on 30-04-2020 04:52

As a resident of Figueira, I'm quite happy to wait until it's safe before we open to mass tourism. Portugal has done so well thus far, why throw it away for a quick euro? Dead people don't bring residual money, healthy people do.

By Elle Thompson from Porto on 30-04-2020 04:06

Dont allow anyone here until we have a cure or vaccine, lives are far more important than the economy, you can't bring dead people back, but you can the economy. GB during the 2nd ww had zero economy for 6 years and borrowed millions every month, and got over it by working a longer week 52 hours and rebuilt the economy. By opening lockdown too early because of business pressures will only kill people, all businesses can be rebuilt lives can't, only greedy and sick people put money before lives.

By KARL BLORE from Algarve on 30-04-2020 09:18
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