Fire with three active fronts in the Algarve

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A fire with three active fronts continues to rage in a forest area in São Marcos da Serra, Algarve.

“When the alert was given (14:56), the fire was already very intense, working on three fronts with great intensity in an area of ??forest, eucalyptus and cork trees, in complicated and difficult terrain and with access that is not helping to facilitate the work of firefighters,”a source from the Algarve District Distress Command (CDOS) told Lusa.

Although the wind is not very intense, the fire "has several fronts", which makes it difficult for the 200 operational personnel who are trying to fight the fire in the municipality of Silves, he added.

According to the same source "there are many ways to go", in a concerted strategy to control the fire however this task "is not proving to be easy".

At the moment "there are no reports of the existence of sensitive points on the land", namely houses in danger, but it has not yet been possible to know the extent of the fronts or the burnt area.

According to the data available on the page of the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection, at 17:05 there were 200 operational personnel assisted by 57 vehicles and 11 aerial means.

Today, around 40 municipalities in eight districts in the north, centre, and in the interior of the Algarve - Faro, Portalegre, Santarém, Castelo Branco, Guarda, Viseu, Vila Real and Bragança – were all at maximum fire risk, according to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).

According to the IPMA, at least until the end of the week, the maximum and very high fire risk will remain in several counties in the continent due to the hot weather.


Comme c’es bizarre!!!le 06.07.2020 vous publiez un incendie sur 3fronts.
Ce soir 19h30 TF1 infos françaises donne « grand format »sur les moyens exceptionnels mis en œuvre par le Portugal pour combattre les incendies depuis ceux catastrophiques en 2017.Brigade aérienne accentuée moderne,formation spécialisée au sol par des bombeiros professionnels !!et abattages de pins et d’eucalyptus sur les terrains abandonnés.
Alors cette continuité régulière d’incendies à quoi l’attribuer? A qui profite t elle?Vandalisme?Vengeances?Commerce immobilier?Climatique?Reflexion grave

By Élise Amice from Algarve on 07-07-2020 07:52

Who are “They”?

By Pete Thomas from Algarve on 07-07-2020 01:37

Yup..they are active again! When will they stop doing this?..only when there is not a tree in sight to put fire to ànymore!!?? Damn them!

By Benita Rodrigues from Algarve on 07-07-2020 12:43
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