On 15 October the Municipality of Faro signed a contract with the Society Algardata - Sistemas Informáticos, S.A, for the implementation of a Wi-Fi network in the historic area of Faro, representing an investment of €112,713.31.

The municipality has been consolidating its strategy of tourism development, with particular focus on the appreciation of the material and intangible heritage, mobile and immovable, in order to induce the desire to return to the county, proving the implementation, of a ‘Wi-Fi’ network in the historic centre, an area of great tourist interest, where most of the heritage elements are located, indispensable.

This is another project to promote accessible tourism that takes shape in the municipality and whose implementation results from the approved application in Turismo de Portugal- “Faro, a smart and conscious city”, under the programme “Valorizar”.

“Creating high availability Wi-Fi networks meets the daily needs of residents and visitors and will unquestionably enhance everyone’s experience”, said a statement from the council.

The project provides for the free provision of ‘Wi-Fi’ access in the historic area of Faro for a period of three years.