GNR reinforces patrolling and inspection on roads during the summer

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GNR will intensify, from 26 June until 6 September, the patrolling and inspection on Portuguese roads to ensure safety during the trips made in the summer period, said on 25 June the corporation.

In a statement, the National Republican Guard stresses that during the summer there is a "substantial increase in traffic", but this year, due to the pandemic of covid-19, "a greater flow of travel is expected".

During the “Travel in safety” operation, GNR will favour “preventive action” on the main roads, such as highways, main routes, complementary routes and national roads, through an “effort for the most critical roads” with the objective of “Combat road accidents, guarantee the fluidity of traffic and support all road users, providing them with safe travel”.

GNR says that, between 1 January and 31 May, it inspected 556,667 drivers and detected more than 177,000 infractions, 60,464 of which were for speeding, 9,755 for lack of mandatory periodic inspection, 6,770 for using the mobile phone while driving and 6.315 for lack or incorrect use of the seat belt and child restraint system.

This security force also registered, in the first five months of the year, 7,271 infractions for driving under the influence of alcohol, 3,112 of which led to the arrest of the driver for having a blood alcohol level equal to or greater than 1.2 g / l, which is a crime.

GNR also detained 1,967 drivers for lack of legal qualifications to drive.

For the “Travelling in safety” operation, the military of the Territorial Commands and the National Traffic Unit (UNT) will be engaged in a coordinated patrolling and road inspection action, in which the inspection will focus on risky behaviours that road safety.

The GNR military will be alert to dangerous overtaking manoeuvres, driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances, driving without a legal license, speeding, wearing a seat belt and the use of a mobile phone while driving.


I hope something can be done about the national sport of "Tail Gating" and Dangerous overtaking, the sheer lack of Common Sence on Portuguese Roads is unbelievable!!!

By George Kerr from Algarve on 29-06-2020 09:02

I love the last paragraph . I’m pretty sure 50% of all vehicles on the EM530 between Porches and Armação de Pêra would come under one of more if these infringements. Would pay the GNR salaries for months !!

By David S from Algarve on 28-06-2020 08:09
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