Government wants to impose mandatory masks in public

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Prime Minister António Costa has announced today that the government will submit to parliament a proposal to make the use of masks in public and the use of the stayaway covid application in the work place and school context mandatory.

In a press conference after the Council of Ministers in which it was decided to raise the state of alert in Portugal up to a state of calamity due to the pandemic, António Costa announced a set of measures.

"To present to Parliament a proposal for a law to which we will request an urgent procedure to impose the compulsory wearing of the mask on public streets - with the obvious common sense of only when there are more people out in public - and also the use of the covid stayaway app in the work place, school and academic context, in the Armed Forces and the Security Forces and in the public administration as a whole", he announced.


The COVID 19 pandemic is a globalist plot, its fake!

In Holland, Doctors alliance speaks out. Its biggest scam ever!

By Churchill from Other on 23-10-2020 10:45

These govt 'solutions' to Covid are ignoring the fact that humans have faced viruses forever with the 'creation of a herd immunity' always proving to be the best long term solution, that's how our body works best. The perm wearing of masks in one's community will reduce the opportunity to gain that herd immunity! Long periods of inhaling your own CO2 (because of the mask) also creates its own health problems! Politicians need to do their own serious research on these particular issues and not just keep coming out with knee jerk fear driven reactions that don't fit the science.

By David from Beiras on 15-10-2020 08:18

Ok, another lock down, so far from what I read not as bad as the last one, I can survive, we have a lovely patch of land and we have no trouble at all social distanced in our small village, I rarely see a soul when I walk our dog, our infrequent shopping trips will be more infrequent, and for sure I will keep my mask on when in public areas, I for one trust the Portuguese government, if they say is necessary, is what we have to do, and protect each others, our families, and our vazinios.

By Gareth from Beiras on 15-10-2020 04:06

The criminals are on a time schedule to put everyone into locked down, martial law. It doesn't matter what the numbers are, they put these rules into place at the same time in different parts of the world. It's not a coincidence, its all part of the plandemic, and it just points to a global (conspiracy) to change human behavior.

By John from Algarve on 15-10-2020 02:27

There is no pandemic, it is a common cold nothing more.

By Magnus from Other on 15-10-2020 02:06

“The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

By Magnus from Other on 15-10-2020 02:04

What should happen to Spectators at the upcoming Motorsport events in Portimão? Stop them coming please otherwise Covid in the Algarve is going to be the worst Plague ever

By David S from Algarve on 15-10-2020 12:57

Most of this people are totally ignorant about science. They rather to respect their constitutional rights and enjoy life, than to care about their health and of others. That means lack of respect for themselves and others. That's what is, democracy at its lowest level.

By Carlos Piteira from Lisbon on 15-10-2020 11:09

Sarah, ewe go girl! Thanks for the reference. :)

By William from Other on 15-10-2020 10:51

Sarah L, don't let the door hit your a** on the way out, enjoy sunny Sweden.

By EM from Lisbon on 15-10-2020 10:41


By Visos from Algarve on 15-10-2020 10:02

Does the government even look at their own numbers? Do they look at all at the new scientific research regarding the (non) effect of masks and the health risk of wearing masks? What "scientists" does this government listen to? Do they want people to get sick and getting lower immune system? Is that the plan? So they can push the vaccine on dumb covidiots?

The "pandemic" is gone, if it ever was a pandemic....

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 15-10-2020 09:51

In Canada the Government now proposed to build covid 19 internment camps where people with sniffle or any comd symptom shall be locked up. And supermarkets are installing body scanners with face recognition.

The big question to ask why have not masks been used in all the other season flu outbreaks past 100 years?

It is impossible to get infected by a virus when walking outside, shall the governments soon forbid human kind to meet and talk?

Masks can not filter virus particles they are made of cotton, a virus can also end up in the hair, under the shoes, on clothes, on bags.

By Magnus from Other on 15-10-2020 09:47

¨We decide something, then let it rest and see what happens. If nobody makes a noise and no revolt breaks out, because most people don't understand what has been decided anyway, then we will move on. Step by step, until there is no turning back. "Jean-Claude Juncker President of the European Commission.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 14-10-2020 08:17

Maybe, the government wants to think about making the Portimão Grand Prix non spectator!

By Wayne Gardner-Young from Algarve on 14-10-2020 06:55

The Stayaway app would be good if it were compulsary to enter your details if you were confirmed positive. I read recently that there were less than 60 copnfirmed cases on the app so until we have compulsary registration the app is next to worthless.

By GeraldV from Porto on 14-10-2020 05:09

Not this again! Do you all still really believe this is about a common cold virus?!

We moved to what 'was' beautiful Portugal a year ago to escape the pitfalls of the western world and give our young children a better life - looks like we were mistaken. Lockdowns, muzzles, cancelling Christmas & any joyful events..... looks like we'll be taking our money and moving Sweden!


Still think it's not so baaaaad William?

Hi Nancy Stelder - glad to hear there are still some sane people out there.

By Sarah L from Other on 14-10-2020 04:03

Here we go again, turn up the “fear” volume one last time so, for their final ditch effort to force good God fairing people of Portugal to be void of their basic human rights and freedoms. The forces of light has already won so why even bother ? These tactics only seek to force the population further into their nefarious plan. Government, I invite you to look up into the sky and see with your own eyes our God given blue skies, nurturing sun, white cumulus clouds and scratch your heads one last time for the record. Humanity is about to WIN BIG !

By Pedro Santos from Alentejo on 14-10-2020 03:50

What if you don't possess a smartphone? Will the government buy you one?

By Peta from Other on 14-10-2020 03:32

obviously somebody bought too many masks during the first "vage" of lies ... and now he has to find a solution to sell them ...

By Werner Grosse from Porto on 14-10-2020 02:43

Good Bye Portugal. It was nice while it lasted..

By Paula from Algarve on 14-10-2020 02:31
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