New government measures coming into force

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What you need to know about the new state of calamity in Portugal which comes in to force 15 October.

The Prime Minister, António Costa, has announced today that the level of alert for the country has been raised to a state of calamity. Here are the key points relating to the new state.

+++ Disaster situation +++

From 00:00 on Thursday and until October 31, the entire national territory is now in a situation of calamity, an increase in the level of alert in the country.

The calamity situation is the maximum level of intervention provided for in the Civil Protection Basic Law.

António Costa explained that the objective of this decision is to make it possible "to take the measures that are justified whenever necessary, from traffic restrictions to other measures that may be considered locally".

+++ Prohibition of gatherings of more than 5 people +++

With the calamity coming into effect, gatherings in public of more than five people are prohibited.

This limitation, according to the chief executive, also applies to other spaces for public use of a commercial nature or in restaurants, with the exception of cohabitants.

+++ Weddings, baptisms and other family parties with a limit of 50 people +++

Family events, such as weddings, baptisms and others, which are scheduled as of today, are limited to a maximum of 50 participants.

The Prime Minister underlined that, in these same family events, "everyone will have to comply with the rules of physical distance and individual protection, such as wearing a mask".

+++ Prevented academic celebrations +++

In universities and polytechnics, academic celebrations and activities of a non-academic or scientific nature are no longer allowed ".

António Costa said that freshman reception ceremonies and other types of festivities that involve gatherings must be avoided at all costs so that circumstances that have already occurred as a result of contamination in events of this nature are not repeated.

+++ More inspection and heavier fines for non-compliance in stores and restaurants +++

The Government wants the security forces and ASAE to reinforce enforcement actions, both on public roads and in commercial and catering establishments.

In the event of non-compliance, especially in stores, restaurants or other catering spaces, it was decided to increase fines of up to €10,000 to establishments that “do not ensure scrupulous compliance with the rules in force regarding capacity”.

+++ Masks on public roads and covid stayaway app: between appeal and mandatory +++

Among the measures to combat the pandemic, the Prime Minister began by “strongly recommending to all citizens the use of a community masks in public whenever there are other people on the public road and also the use of the stayaway covid application and communication through it whenever there is a positive test ”.

A law has also been proposed by the Prime Minster, which the Government will send between “today at the end of the day and Thursday morning”, calling for it be made mandatory to wear a mask in public areas and to use the stayaway covid application in work and school contexts.

Thus, according to António Costa, the executive will ask parliament to approve “an urgent procedure to impose the mandatory use of masks in public and also the use of the stayaway covid application in work, school and academic contexts, in the Armed Forces and Security Forces and in the whole of the public administration ”.


D B are you mad? it is cotton the masks cant filter any viruses and the virus is not a virus it is people who believe lies.

By Magnus from Other on 19-10-2020 03:01

Any one who does not wear a mask in public is mad and is a danger to all and to themselves

By D T BELTON from Other on 19-10-2020 12:16

This whole mask game is just to see how much people comply with “orders” from above. I wonder how much more people will comply with. Shouldn’t we all have the choice to wear a Mask or Not wear a Mask?

By Andre Faro from Algarve on 16-10-2020 10:41

Does this mean that one can't visit the Azores, departing from Amsterdam with a connecting flight from Porto???

By Arnold from Other on 16-10-2020 12:40

It is a shame Bruno is so ill informed. There are more Portuguese in other countries than foreigners in Portugal. Nationalistic protectionism is found to a small degree in most countries of the world. Sad to see it rear it's head in the Portugal News. Nearly all the Portuguese people I have met are open minded, welcoming and friendly and enjoy sharing their beautiful country with other humans. I hope that we are not heading towards Portugaexit. That would be a disaster.

By Howard Delaney Brownlow from Algarve on 15-10-2020 03:40

Hey Bruno, just had 3 weeks holiday in Portugal,
Have been travelling there for 21 years and staying in Tavira.
Your fellow country persons unlike you are pleasant courteous and not racist.
I'm sure the Vox party will suit you just fine,
Shame on you.
Keith (socialist)

By Keith Fox from UK on 15-10-2020 03:30

Sham, are you having a bad day? Start now to use your head, the masks are worthless pieces of cheap cotton, they are not stopping any viruses.

In 1941 in Babi Jar outside of Kiev the jewish community was told to gather in a square and walk to the babi jar ravine to be transported and resettled. People obeyed and believed what the police told and when arriving the police used clubs to force women, men, elderly and children to undress, the clothes and belongings was sorted in orderly piles.

Then when panic and people could see the huge piles of dead bodys in the ravine it was already to late, Ukranian people with kids came to watch the mass shootings eating ice cream and making photos, after 2 days 33.000 people was killed.

This is what is happening when you allow a government to say you must use a mask 9 months after a season flu started and in public areas it is 0 procent risk of getting any flu.

Portuguese police started this year to say the N***** word towards african children inside Pingo Doce supermarkets, very nice police you have PM Costa!

By Magnus from Other on 15-10-2020 02:33

Bruno, Portugal is one of the biggest welfare takers, because of mismanagement the northern nations of EU and IMF are pumping in money to keep Portugal from not collapsing.

Do you not understand this is common flu planned to be used for power grabs, who do you think is buying up propertys, land, companies and huge lot of stocks since March in Portugal and Spain and Italy?

Wealthy people have always used the stupidity of people to expand the power and influence.

And you should say sorry to all the Europeans and non Europeans working and paying taxes in Portugal. Portugal choosed to become a member of EU and this opened up many doors for Portuguese people finding jobs in other EU nations

By the way the name of the country and political party behind buying up stuff in Portugal begin with the third letter in the alphabet...

By Magnus from Other on 15-10-2020 02:17

“The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

By Magnus from Other on 15-10-2020 02:01

This is a notice for tourists in Portugal - return to you country, we don't need you here. If you come to stay and mingle with us, perfect. Now if you come for vacation, you are ruining our beautiful country. You Peoples from the North think money is everything.... Portuguese don't need money, we need the government to be focused on us instead of you! We have plenty of everything, and it all goes to you! It's even ridiculous, please stay away from here. We can live in an amazing way without money, but not with Turists everywhere.

By Bruno from Lisbon on 15-10-2020 01:11

The people saying no to masks, your the problem, why is it so hard to wear a mask? And this bs of health issues, I have really bad asthma and yet I can breath fine in a mask, get your head out your ass and do as your told. The law isn't effecting businesses, you are.

By Sham from Other on 15-10-2020 12:37

In Canada Dr Tam government chief medical officer published in canada health department website instructions from the government regarding sex and corona virus, Dr Tam recommend masks in the bedroom and a wall in middle of the bed with glory holes.

I am not joking, google canada sex covid dr tam and read!

By Magnus from Other on 15-10-2020 11:54

Police were literally everywhere down the street, as I just went to pick up some keys today, I saw 3 different departments In one go. Wearing masks in public? Howcome yesterday everyone was literally having maccies at wide open space without any masks indoors in a shoppoing mall.

By João Félix from Lisbon on 15-10-2020 11:25

The draft law being debated in Parliament on 23rd October does only include devices capable of running the Stayaway app. In relation to mandatory wearing of masks in public spaces it is caveated with "whenever the physical distance recommended by the National Health Authority proves to be impractical". Portugal News should try better to report things accurately.

By Scott from Algarve on 15-10-2020 10:42

Grateful - but not happy, obviously- to have received an alert early this morning about the state of ‘calamity’ in mainland Portugal due to the ????
Disappointed that my planned holiday has been cancelled but wish everyone in your country well and hope to visit soon.

By David from UK on 15-10-2020 10:00

Does the government even understand their own numbers and statistics? Guess not, it's time to stand up against this world tiranny...

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 15-10-2020 09:56

So do these changes mean essentially unless you are in your own home you have to wear a mask?

By DM from Algarve on 15-10-2020 07:08

A small detail seems omitted: Stayaway Covid is not downward compatible. E.g. on iPhones, I believe devices running on anything older than iOs 12 cannot use the app. Can’t say about Android. But not everybody owns the latest smartphone!

By anny schaphoff from Other on 14-10-2020 08:44

total rubbish and twot for the Algarve - all they are going to achieve is ruin business and industry

By stuart smith from Algarve on 14-10-2020 07:17

well. no to masks in public!

By Sydney Harris from Algarve on 14-10-2020 07:14
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