The economic manifesto of the so-called Coimbra Group includes "15 ideas-strength", the first of which advocates the creation of the metropolitan area of ??Coimbra "as an element of rebalancing and regional cohesion in the country, reducing Lisbon's non-competitive macrocephaly".

Another measure is the creation of a "Regional Venture Capital Fund for the Metropolitan Area of ??Coimbra, focusing generically on the transfer of technologies from the university to the market," especially in the health sciences, information technologies, circular economy and space".

The investment in the National Health Service in Coimbra, "with the construction of the new maternity hospital, reinforcement of medical innovation and assistance capacity of existing hospital structures in multi-annual program contracts with management autonomy" is another idea in the manifest coordinated by the specialist doctor in anaesthesiology.

The bet on the "reindustrialization of Coimbra" with the provision of land and public buildings "for urban and business regeneration programs", specific community funds dedicated to the so-called Industry 4.0 or the creation of "innovative remuneration incentives", aimed at companies "that hire students -workers completing master's and doctoral degrees, or higher education teachers, through protocols of specialized collaboration with universities and polytechnics ", are other of the advanced measures.

These also include the "definition of specific public support for the installation of new industrial units and mandatory municipal and regional red tape for industrial, tourist and business investment projects", as well as the "revaluation of the primary sector of the local economy with new support for production national "and optimization of national and international distribution chains" in particular the Lower Mondego, the forest and the sea of ??the region of Coimbra.”