Harvey is a 5 year street cat who has been living in Ferragudo but has recently sustained significant injuries that require ongoing treatment.

Dr Bruno Bizarro from Centro Veterinario de Ferragudo Clinica, is looking for a home for Harvey while he undergoes treatment.

“I was alerted to the situation by a client of mine about a very ill cat in Ferragudo. When I went to collect the cat I was shocked,” he said.

“Harvey did not have the left hand side of his face left, which may have been as a result of him being in a fight with another cat or due to the fact that he had scabies in is ear and he could have potentially itched it so much it had infected is face to this point”.

Already the APA have provided funds to pay for treatment for a week while Dr Bruno has been treating the Harvey’s scabies and eye infection pro bono.

Dr Bruno explained that the Harvey’s main injury on his face is going to take a long time to heal and will require daily cleaning and disinfection. He is willing to offer this treatment without payment but is looking for a person who would be willing to care for Harvey.

“Please help to find a family for Harvey, it needs to be someone who is able to care for him and his injuries”.

If you think you may be able to help please email centro.veterinario.ferragudo@gmail.com