Hong Kong citizens’ requests to reside in Portugal with a “notable” increase

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The Consulate General of Portugal in Macau and Hong Kong has registered a “notable” increase in the number of requests from citizens who live in the former British colony and want to reside in Portugal

The Consul said that around 1,100 applications had been initiated since the beginning of the year.

Real estate agencies have also said there had been a surge in property purchases via the Golden Visa scheme, both among British expats living in Hong Kong and local residents there.


Portuguese people are stupid for selling their country to foreigners

By Luis from Other on 15-06-2020 03:50

The Golden Visa scheme is becoming very desirable again. What I would like to know... How is it actually helping Portugal and its people? If I do a search on the internet, all that comes up is how good it is for the people applying for them. Maybe The Portugal News can do an article on it. I know fees are charged for the visas, and maybe there's a sales tax charged on the real estate, but what about afterwards?? The vast majority of golden visas are real estate purchases, and very, very few are for creating jobs. The vast majority are from China. The real estate ones may include the requirement to rehabilitate the property.
So are properties being rehabilitated? Are the monetary proceeds from these real estate investments reinvested in Portugal for Portugal's benefit, or are the monies sent back to their home countries? I know it's caused real estate prices to rise, and rents to go up in the big cities...So, are the Golden Visas really helping, or are the recipients of the visas just becoming slum lords, not rehabilitating properties, not creating jobs, and just getting fat at the expense of the Portuguese?

By William from Other on 14-06-2020 02:47
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