It is necessary to “look forward and to fight” for Algarve tourism

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The President of the Republic has said that it is necessary to “look ahead and fight” for tourism in the Algarve to overcome the losses caused by the exclusion of Portugal from the air corridor with the United Kingdom.

“It is evident that everything is important now and we have to look ahead and we have to fight, first, for tourism that comes from other interesting and important origins, that may come and that will be defined in the coming days. And then the British Government itself said it would rethink in July, let’s see what can be done about this matter”, said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

“[It is necessary] for the Algarve to pull through fast, so that we can produce effects later this year” in tourism, said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who met mayors and tourism representatives to try to help the Algarve to overcome the difficulties caused by Covid-19 and the UK’s decision to force the British to quarantine 14 days on arrival from Portugal.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also stated that he wanted to personally go as far as possible to help tourism in the Algarve to carry out “campaigns for Portuguese tourism” and announced his return to the region.

“I went to Albufeira the other day and now I am here in Monte Gordo, I will be now returning to the Algarve repeatedly over the course of several weeks,” he declared.

The presence of the head of state in the Algarve, including for his holidays has been designed “to push for Portuguese tourism and for more foreign tourism”, because “it is fair and there is no reason for the Algarve, because of Covid-19, to be harmed”, said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

“Now we have to look to the future. The Algarve deserves it because it has exceptional quality, it has a public health situation that is, even compared to other regions and countries, of quality, now it needs to be the choice of the Portuguese and also of foreigners who have to come here to allow the region to recover”, he added.

The president of the Intermunicipal Community of the Algarve, António Miguel Pina, said that the meeting with the head of state was intended to sensitise the authorities to “the reinforcement of diplomatic capacity and intensity with the English issue”, but “also with Ireland, who announced that it will present a list and it is necessary that the Algarve be considered a safe destination”.

For António Manuel Pina, it is also necessary to “intensify the funds to do more promotion of the destination and try to compensate the loss of tourists from the United Kingdom with others from other parts of Europe”, such as Germany, France or Belgium, he exemplified.
Portugal has been excluded from international travel corridors with tourist destinations to which the British Government authorises British citizens to travel without having to comply with a 14-day quarantine period on their return to the country.

Meanwhile, the government is also preparing a specific programme to support the Algarve.

The Minister of Economy said on 7 July that the government is preparing a specific programme to support the Algarve region.
“It is necessary to pay special attention to the region of the Algarve, which is extremely dependent on tourism”, said the Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition, Pedro Siza Vieira, before the deputies of the Economy, Innovation Commission, Public Works and Housing, in the Assembly of the Republic.

According to the Minister of Economy, this programme must be “much more decisive in order to help companies to survive”, it should boost internal and external demand and help the tourism sector in the Algarve region to survive until next summer.

Another component of the specific programme for the Algarve, he said, must also be that of “mitigating the very negative impact” on the income of people in the region.

“Tourism across the European Union is a very relevant activity. The European Union estimated a month and a half ago that tourist activity in the Union had a reduction of 60 percent. What we are experiencing in the Algarve or Madeira region is not a specific Portuguese problem”, he stressed.

“The European Union recognises that heavily reliant tourist regions need specific support. They may have been spared the pandemic, but they will be devastated from an economic point of view,” he added.
The Economy Minister did not put forward a date for the presentation of the programme, but said it would be soon.


Hopefully lots of visitors from Lisbon area will go to the Algarve for their holidays. They will put much needed money in the local economy. After all, fisherman and farmers don't work for free. And it is evident they don't fall for obedience training.

By William from Other on 16-07-2020 11:03

I did my part!

Much love for Portugal from Germany

By Henning from Other on 11-07-2020 04:39

What about religious pilgrimages? If the Christian Propagandists would kindly relinquish their hold on ‘Fatima’, I guarantee that you can have quite a solid source of income from hordes of Muslims worshippers vying to visit one of their most holy female figures.
(Especially during times when prayers are so needed to balance the karmatic nightmare of The fixed Vodka World-Cup)

By Mohamedo Esbaie from Alentejo on 11-07-2020 10:28

Living in the Algarve and experiencing the health system here, how the President describes it as a quality system is baffling. Faro has been promised a new hospital since 2006, and is no longer even on the list in this government's lifetime. The present one being completely inadequate, lacking in every area, with Medical staff struggling to do their best, the Algarve is a place where doctors and health professionals do not want to come and work.
Every summer there is a lack of doctors, and some departments have to close because of this. This year poses its own problems with Covid 19. It seems inevitable that with tourists be they from Portugal or other countries, there will be new cases, and even with the planning that has been done, the health service will be under even more strain. So Mr. president on what do you base your remarks about this quality system.

By Landlubber from Algarve on 11-07-2020 09:39

I could nog agree more. We shall return to the Algarve Next September. First time 1991.

By Mattheus Wisse from Other on 11-07-2020 01:38

The elephant in the room being how about not relying on tourism and creating tax free enterprise zones to attract and create the green industries of the future?
Why are politicians so blind and short sighted?
Paying people 600 euros before tax a month with highly seasonal jobs is medieval.It is also third world.
You have the best climate in the world in the Algarve,start thinking Silicon Valley instead of San Miguel.
Start thinking out of the box Portugal and not relying on selling cheap alcohol to rowdy destructive tourists.

By James from Algarve on 10-07-2020 10:58

As an ex-Brit, happily living full time in Portugal, I am deeply saddened by the actions of the British government. They have consistently demonstrated a confused and delayed reaction to this crisis. Unlike the excellent Portuguese administration ( and people) who acted promptly and decisively. For the UK not to allow an air bridge, at least to the Algarve, is ridiculous. Please, Please, UK reconsider this crazy discrimination.

By John Parsons from Algarve on 10-07-2020 10:58

Absolutely crazy wanting to open up to the world for the sake of tourists bringing the virus to us, in the last 6 weeks the virus as doubled throughout the world, health and life is far more unimportant than money or jobs , we wont starve to death here in Portugal where food grows so easily and surrounded by sea for fishing, but the virus can kill us.

By KARL BLORE from Algarve on 10-07-2020 10:25

Força Portugal, we will get through this! When one door closes another one opens. In fact, it has been wide open all along.

By Annie from Algarve on 10-07-2020 09:08

When I see these masks at the beach then I prefer to stay at home. Why pay for a holiday to sweat under a mask on a Portuguese beach. What a waste. If the holiday destinations cannot cut this stupid "obedience training" then they can write off their tourism industry.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 10-07-2020 08:26
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