Judicial official sentenced in Aveiro due to racist comments online

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The Aveiro Court sentenced a judicial official to 25 months in prison, with a suspended sentence, for making racist comments on social networks and encouraging the desecration of a funeral place, informed the District Attorney General of Porto (PGD).

In a communiqué published online, the Porto PGD states that the official was convicted of a crime of racial, religious or sexual discrimination and a crime of public instigation to a crime.

The suspension of the sentence is subject to the defendant's duty to deliver to the Commission for the Protection of Victims of Crime the amount of one thousand euros.

The defendant was also sentenced to an accessory sentence of four years of incapacity to elect President of the Republic, deputies to the Assembly of the Republic, deputies to the European Parliament, deputies to the Legislative Assemblies of the autonomous regions and holders of the bodies of the local authorities, or to be elected as such.

The judgment proved that the defendant, at the time of the facts, a judicial officer in the Aveiro district, shared on Twitter and Facebook “comments, publications and disclosures inciting discrimination and hatred against people, or group of people, because of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin and religion, specifically referring to Jews, Muslims and Africans.”


When will we get this? God made us all to live on this earth. We started out the

God's Holy Word reads,
"Dust thou art and to dust thou shall return."

I wish the judge had made him visit schools. To help kids understand that despite our differences we are one human family.

By Pat Bloom from Porto on 12-10-2020 07:06
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