According to curator Sérgio Araújo, the exhibition is part of the KISMIF congress (“Keep it Simple, Make it Fast”) at the Faculty.

The exhibit began in July and “is intended to celebrate the queen of pop’s legacy and her contributions to the history of popular music, to the history of women in music,” the statement said.

North America’s artist lives in Lisbon and turns 60 on Thursday.

“There will be dozens of objects displayed at the Faculty’s library ranging from the 80s to the 90s”.

Madonna’s iconic “Sex” book will also be showcased, according to Sérgio Araújo.

The KISMIF conferences are coordinated by Paula Guerra and include a debate with Lucy O’Brien, author of a book about “the role of women in the history of music”.

Madonna is celebrating her 60th birthday with a fund-raising campaign for youngsters in Malawi, from where she adopted four of her children.

All proceeds go to Raising Malawai, a non-profit organisation founded by Madonna and Michael Berg in 2006