Maximum penalty for driver who deliberately ran over 5 people

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The Penafiel Court sentenced a driver from Paredes to 25 years in prison for deliberately running over five people, killing two of them, following disagreements during a social event, the Prosecutor's Office said on 19 May.

The facts on trial date back to 23 February, 2019, when, according to the court, the accused was participating in a fundraiser at the headquarters of the Motorclube of Rebordosa, in Paredes, in the district of Porto, and disagreed with other guests, attacking two of them.

The accused said that he would settle the matter "in his own way", he went to his car, set it in motion and, "at great speed, directed it towards the people who were near the headquarters of the aforementioned motoclub, hitting five, two of whom died”, reports the Prosecutor's Office, citing the verdict of the Penafiel court, delivered on Monday, 18 May, afternoon.

The caccused was sentenced to 25 years in prison, the maximum penalty allowed in Portugal, is the sum of partial penalties for the practice of two crimes of offense to physical integrity, two of qualified homicide consummated and three in the attempted form, four of damage and one of dangerous driving of a road vehicle, states the Prosecutor's Office in a note on its website.

The court also sentenced the defendant to an accessory penalty of driving a motor vehicle for a period of two years and nine months.


Tony..I agree..should be given a full life sentence.. and before the usual suspects start sulking the UK this lowlife would be out in just over an open prison(hotel) for most of the sentence., a Lativan HGV driver was sentenced to 4and half years at Manchester Crown Court on Mknday last.. hecwas on his mobile making an order with Amazon as he went straight through a Red light killing a another driver and his wife suffering multiple injuries..also disqualified from driving for 5 yrs..he will be out in just over 2yrs or less..the thing is.his brief came out with the same old rhetoric..he,s so will change his life.,all on the old legal aid of least he has a life..shocking.theconlyvtine the judges etc will do anything positive when it concerns them and their nearest and dearest..same the world over.????????????

By Paul Rush from UK on 21-05-2020 07:14

Capital punishment is the only justice significant in this case. I suggest by garotting (historical "Iberian" method of execution)

By Melvyn McManus from Other on 20-05-2020 11:47

25 years for purposely and conscientiously kill two and injury three persons with no justifiable reason? What a sad joke! This sentence does not match the seriousness of the crime committed. Besides its inadequacy to the crime, the penalty punishes more the society than the villain because we all have now the obligation to feed, accommodate and maintain with “all the dignity due to a human being” and for 25 years, an individual who did not show any respect whatsoever for somebody else right to live! This may happen unless the killer is released earlier due to good behavior or, a more common approach now, due to some induced “politically correct” amnesty! These ridiculous outcomes show how inappropriate current penalties are to often match the seriousness and nature of the crimes committed! It is time to bring back some old punishments that effectively discourage some individuals from committing easily preventable horrendous crimes, again and again! There are many alternatives variable in nature, form, degree, range and intensity. They may include physical punishments and/or forced labor which have been proven to be excellent deterrents to the various types and forms of crime including those when human life is taken away!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 19-05-2020 11:52
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