Mobile Outfitters offer clients personalised and printed protective covers and films for all sorts of varied technological equipment.
“The best and most interesting thing that we do is offer our personalised service which allows the customer to choose the textures and colours they prefer,
all of them perfectly adaptable to any model and device and the entire installation process to be done at the time and in the presence of the customer”, said a spokesman.
With this service it is possible to protect devices such as mobile phones, smart watches, computers, tablets, headphones, cameras, among many others, with the tailored protection from Mobile Outfitters which offers clients a lifetime guarantee and a military-grade finish.
“Protective covers protect our smart phones and we use the FUSION film that benefits from patented TriACTIVE technology, a film composed of three unique layers that absorbs the shocks and impacts of everyday life.”
Unlike the temperate film that usually protects mobile phones, the FUSION film is ultra-thin, does not break in the event of impact and protects the corners and all angles of smart phones against falls of up to six metres in height and without damaging the product design. Clients can also choose the finish of the protective films which can be shiny or anti-reflective and prevents fingerprints on the screen when using the equipment.
Find out more about the Mobile Outfitters by visiting them in the Intermarché in Lagos.