The question was raised in the debate on the state of the nation by the parliamentary leader of the Ecological Party “Os Verdes”, José Luís Ferreira, who accused the Government of considering overcoming the law to “override” the City Halls that disagree with the Government on the future airport.

The Prime Minister guaranteed that the Government “has made a great deal of negotiations”, and recalled that he met with the presidents of the City Halls of Seixal and Moita.

António Costa added that in Seixal “no specific problem was identified other than the general opposition to location”, but that in Moita there is an environmental impact in the parish of Baixa da Banheira, and an intervention project is being developed together with the municipality specifically.

“If you ask me if it has been easy, it has not been easy, but as we are persistent, we do not give up. There will be no Montijo airport without solving the environmental problems of Moita and, in particular, Baixa da Banheira”, he assured.

Another question remained unanswered by José Luís Ferreira, who questioned António Costa about the warnings issued by some mayors that they will have to finance part of the plan to remove asbestos from schools, contrary to what was announced.