The construction of the new route to be built parallel to the current water line known as Vale de Deus is an old aspiration of the population of Ferragudo. This village, located at the end of the municipality, will thus be 5 minutes away from the city of Lagoa, by this route included in the project “Pestana Ferragudo Resort”, according to the protocol signed on 28 February at the Municipality of Lagoa.

The creation of rainwater retention basins to minimise the risk of flash floods in downtown Ferragudo is another benefit assumed by the promoter of the future Ferragudo Golf Course. The construction of lakes in the south-eastern part of the area to be intervened will also allow the water supply for irrigation of the golf course, joining the waters to be supplied by the Association of Irrigators with those coming from the Boavista WWTP.

The works are expected to start soon and, despite being of private initiative, they bring positive impacts to the public space, in addition to new jobs. The need to enhance and preserve the territory and the natural and cultural heritage of that area in the municipality of Lagoa highlighted the negotiations between the entrepreneurs and the Municipality of Lagoa.

The safeguarding of the existing archaeological values ??and the integration of all wells, threshing floors, tanks into the project, among other testimonies of history that persist in the 94 hectares of land, were some of the guarantees provided in the contract already signed between the developer and the Chamber of Lagoa.

The recovery of the holinhaga existing inside the private property - between Poço dos Pardais and Via do Vale do Regato - with connection to pedestrian and cycling routes, is an example of the concern in combining the activity of golf with the defence of natural potentials and the testimonies of human experience in this part of the territory of the municipality.

Luís Encarnação, Mayor of the Municipality stated that, however, the Ferragudo Golf Course should be the last authorised in the municipality of Lagoa.