Number of infected due to illegal party in Lagos up to 111

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Until midnight on 21 June, a total of 111 positive cases for Covid-19 associated with the Odiáxere party cluster in Lagos were recorded. Among these cases are 19 children aged nine years or less.

At the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve - Hospital de Faro, two people remain in hospital, aged 27 and 39, and in the Algarve, at the moment, there is no record of hospitalisations in intensive care. All other cases remain in isolation from home. Since the beginning of the identification of cases referring to the cluster of the Lagos party, approximately 2500 COVID-19 tests have been carried out.

Among the positive cases identified, it can be concluded that 74 percent are people living in the municipality of Lagos, 17 percent live in the city of Portimão, 6 percent in the municipality of Albufeira and 3 percent in other municipalities in the Algarve. To date there is no knowledge of cases registered outside the Algarve region related to this cluster.

The Regional Health Administration of the Algarve (ARS Algarve) continues to proceed with the identification of the cases, their isolation and the identification of the contacts that each case may have had in this period, with the objective of breaking transmission chains and preventing the development of the virus within the community.

Together with other entities, such as the municipality of Lagos and security forces, ARS Algarve has developed an intense work of partnership and strategic management, which aims to ensure the maintenance of Public Health and the application of mandatory containment measures.

The situation that occurs after the Lagos party comes to reinforce the importance of each individual, having a conscious and responsible behaviour, respecting the rules currently in force within the scope of the calamity regarding social behaviours, namely, maintaining the social distance, the use of a mask in closed places and avoid groupings with more than 20 people.


In reply to Chris. When "more people turned up than expected" Oh yes? Then why were 30 chickens plus all the trimmings ordered - for twenty people? Come on! It has also been reported that members of the Lagos Camara were at the party - well they should lose their jobs immediately!!
I feel so sad for the restaurateurs, hotel and cafe owners and the many shops that will once again be affected by lost trade. Already many people have cancelled bookings at hotels in and around Lagos, due to these mindless idiots.

By Mary from Algarve on 24-06-2020 02:05

Fred Doe, you're a tool. Does it matter if they're asymptomatic? We don't need carriers walking around spreading the virus to other people.

By Jebediah from Algarve on 24-06-2020 10:06

In reply to David S there was a long apology from the club last week and it was they who contacted the GNR when more people turned up than was expected

By Chris from Algarve on 23-06-2020 11:40

Absolutely distugusting not to care about other people

By June Bowmer from UK on 23-06-2020 06:57

Let’s have some more information on who the organisers were and how they are going to be punished and what sanctions are going to be placed on the facility that hosted the event. Haven’t seen any apology from anyone !!
It’s the start of holiday season and I bet every restaurant, hotel and shop in Lagos must hate what these people have done for their area

By David S from Algarve on 23-06-2020 01:55

"positive cases" says nothing at all...this is fear mongering at its best...
How many people already had antibodies? How many asymptomatic? How many hospitalisations?(about 6 according to msm) How many in IC?(0)
This fear porn needs to stop now.

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 23-06-2020 01:23
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