Parliament approves VAT drop for masks and gel

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The Assembly of the Republic has unanimously approved the decrease in VAT for protective masks and skin disinfectant gel used to fight the covid-19 pandemic, but rejected extending the measure to gloves, visors or protective suits.

In the vote deputies unanimously approved the Government's draft law that also provides for VAT exemption for national and Community operators in the provision of personal protective equipment, as well as an amendment to the Budget of the State in order to increase the ceilings of guarantees given by the State to companies.

Although the PAN abstained from voting on the diploma in general, the document was endorsed by all parties in a final global vote.

Proposed amendments to PAN and CDS-PP were both rejected.

The PAN had the objective that other products used to combat the covid-19 pandemic, such as “ethyl alcohol, visors, gloves, protective suits and other personal protective equipment” would also be taxed at 6%.

The CDS-PP, on the other hand, proposed lowering VAT for single-use gloves and visors as well, and the Christian Democrats' proposal also predicted that half of the VAT paid for electricity and natural gas supplies would be returned to private institutions of social solidarity and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

In the plenary debate that preceded the vote, the parties had already expressed their support for these measures.

For his part, the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs highlighted the "social responsibility" of companies and called on traders to lower the prices of protective masks and gel to disinfect the skin, and to "not be left with the tax margin" .


The goverment is about to play Russian roulette with our lives, by relaxing the lockdown, it should wait regardless until we have a cure or vaccine, and if the virus figures rise the government will be to blame and not the virus,in other words, they will be assisting the virus to kill people.

By KARL BLORE from Algarve on 03-05-2020 03:19

reduced TAX ! Great ! Lovely ! Wonderful !
But: WHERE ARE THEY ???????????????????????

By ThwWolfOfAlgarve from Algarve on 02-05-2020 10:32
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