Practice of sports activity to be permitted with restrictions

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The practice of physical and sports activities in a non-competitive context and outdoors can be carried out provided that several conditions are ensured, according to the diplomas that declare the situation of calamity as of Monday

The diplomas, published in Diário da República (DR), in Article 16, dedicated to the practice of physical and sporting activity, defines in the first point that the practice of physical and sporting activity in a non-competitive context and outdoors can be carried out, as long as conditions are ensured, such as a “minimum distance” of two meters between citizens, for activities that take place side by side ”.

It is also defined to prevent the sharing of materials and equipment, including sessions with personal trainers, as well as access to the use of changing rooms.

“Compliance with a manual of procedures for the protection of practitioners and employees” is another measure.

In point two, it is defined that the “exercise of physical and sports activity for up to five practitioners is permitted under the supervision of a coach, or the practice of recreational physical and sports activity for up to two practitioners”, with the exception of the limits established in this point for “ professional or high-performance athletes ”.

The diplomas also include the closure of facilities for sports activities, "except for those intended for the activity of professional and high-performance sportsmen, in the context of training".

Among the closed facilities are football, rugby and similar fields, pavilions or indoor venues, indoor soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, roller hockey and similar pavilions, indoor shooting ranges, tennis courts, paddle courts and similar indoor, indoor lanes. skating, ice hockey and the like, indoor or outdoor pools.

Boxing rings, martial arts and the like, permanent circuits covered by motorbikes, automobiles and the like, covered velodromes, racetracks and similar covered tracks, multi-sport pavilions, gyms and gyms, indoor athletics tracks and stadiums also remain closed.

The Government decided on Thursday, in the plan to settle the covid-19 pandemic, that the First Football League and the final of the Portuguese Cup will be able to be played, also allowing individual outdoor sports.


The overreaction is quite bizarre if you look at the figures. In most countries the covid did not kill more people then a seasonal flew. For 99% of the people its not life threatening. Its by now very obvious for whom its dangerous.(elderly, sick and obese. Those people can protect themselves(if they want to)..No need at all of the horrors of the “new normal” or to destroy the future of the young to protect the(very)old?
To pretend that economy and health care are separate things?...wake up people ..especially the young, protect your future , economy, and quality of life, that the eldery have already consumed.and dont let the governement scare you, with incomplete truths....just look at (all) the figures!

By Patrick from Algarve on 03-05-2020 11:43

How is this different to the last weeks?

By M from Lisbon on 02-05-2020 07:54

No mention of golf activity. Does anyone know what the situation is regarding golfing in the Algarve and the near future?

By Richard from Algarve on 02-05-2020 05:21

We are quite literally in a matter of a few weeks now living under an autocratic norm. The future is far from bright. Humanity MUST prevail. Time is RISE UP !

By Steven Stimson from Porto on 01-05-2020 09:54
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