Parliament debates state of emergency

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Explaining the state of emergency situation in Portugal

The President of the Republic today considered the declaration of a state of emergency “indispensable” to provide “constitutional coverage for more comprehensive measures that prove necessary to be adopted to combat this public calamity”, the pandemic of Covid- 19 but what exactly does this mean?

In the draft decree sent to the Assembly of the Republic, in which he proposes a state of emergency for 15 days, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa recognises that in Portugal "several important containment measures have already been adopted", "immediately enacted" , and “declared a state of alert”.

However, “as is happening in other European countries, it is necessary to strengthen the constitutional coverage to more comprehensive measures, which it is necessary to adopt to combat this public calamity”, so the President “believes that the declaration of a state of emergency is indispensible”.

This proposal from the president is now being debated in parliament with the government then set to outline the details of what the state of emergency means for people in Portugal.

One of the elements of he state of emergency proposed by the President to contain the pandemic to Covid-19 provides for the possibility of the compulsory confinement of citizens at home and restrictions on circulation on public roads, unless justified.

The draft decree, sent to parliament, was released today on the website of the Presidency of the Republic and provides for a state of emergency to be in effect for 15 days, as is legally provided for.

To “reduce the risk of contagion” and do prevention, “the necessary restrictions may be imposed by competent public authorities”, including “compulsory confinement at home or in a health facility, the establishment of sanitary cordens”, as well as “the interdiction of travel and staying on public roads that are not justified ”, reads the text.

They are considered justified trips, "namely, by the performance of professional activities, by obtaining health care, by assisting third parties, by supplying goods and services and for other stipulated reasons".

In the decree, it is stipulated that it will be up to the Government, “in this event, to specify the situations and purposes in which the freedom of individual movement, preferably unaccompanied, remains”.

The State may also require private individuals to provide services and use properties, such as hospitals or factories, within the scope of Covid-19's state of emergency, according to the draft decree of the President of the Republic.

"The competent public authorities may request the provision of any services and the use of movable and immovable property, health care units, commercial and industrial establishments, companies and other production units", the document reads.

According to the same text, "the mandatory opening, operation and operation of companies, establishments and means of production or their closure" can also be determined ", in addition to other limitations or changes in operation.

The Government may also limit or prohibit the holding of meetings or demonstrations due to the danger of transmission of the new coronavirus.

“The necessary restrictions may be imposed by the competent public authorities, based on the position of the National Health Authority, to reduce the risk of contagion and to implement measures to prevent and combat the epidemic, including limiting or prohibiting meetings or demonstrations that, due to the number of people involved, enhance the transmission of the new coronavirus ”

The draft decree, currently being debated in parliament, was made available by the Presidency of the Republic on its official website, after the State Council gave a favourable opinion to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa's proposal on the declaration of a state of emergency in the face of Covid-19 pandemic..


To the previous comment about Hocus Pocus. This is a world wide PANDEMIC. It's not an experiment gone wrong. It's not some test done by big pharma. It's not a lie. The people who need to wake up are people like you (Michael Corcoran). This is not a lie, a joke or anything else of that nature. It is a virus and it is very real and very dangerous for a lot of people.
It is people who do not believe in scientific facts and evidence, that are one of the biggest dangers behind the virus itself. Surely the evidence alone, (eg : the amount of confirmed cases worldwide and the amount of deaths) is enough to indicate how serious this is.
Please, I urge everyone to get your information and updates concerning the spread of the virus, from the WHO and the scientific research, which is given to us via the news channels. Conspiracy theorists have got a lot to answer for, when it comes to the spread of bogus information, mainly on social media. I know that Facebook are trying to stop wrong information being displayed but, people will keep trying post conspirational rubbish and it is dangerous. Misinformed people spreading wrong information about this Pandemic is so easy on social media. All it takes is a click to share, and that's another 10,20,100 people also reading falsities and who knows how many of them are believing it.
Again I urge people to take your information from reliable sources. The WHO and the Portuguese Health Service both have information, on line. The British Health Service also have on line advice and information. This is the correct, most up to date information and the correct advice to follow.
It is people who do not listen, refuse to listen or listen and then do not take any notice of the information and instructions given by scientists, who will be a threat to others.
Everybody is entitled to thier opinion but this really is not a time for fairy tales. It's time to listen to the scientists who work their behinds off, for the good of the people. Listen to them and take their advice. Wash your hands properly, keep your distance from others, do not go out unless necessary and try to protect the vulnerable people in our society. In short, be responsible.

By Jay Dunnies from Beiras on 19-03-2020 09:56

We are currently staying Albuferia, which was to be for a period of 2 month. However, due to the virus we have reschedule our flight back to Canada on the earliest flight available which is March 27th. Will transportation still be available from Albufeira - Ferreiras to Lisbon to catch our flight back home.

By Lino from Algarve on 19-03-2020 07:50

What about supermercados .
Is it open or not .?

By Rishav from Lisbon on 18-03-2020 11:25

I would also like to know about the situation on dog walking and also food shopping.When will the outcome of these debates be known to the public?.

By Dave from Algarve on 18-03-2020 09:31

i m from nepal,
tomorrow i have a flight which i booked before the alart has to be
can i know the flight status if it goes or not on 19th march at 1 pm from Qatar airways

By niroj Khatiwada from Algarve on 18-03-2020 09:31

What about the English stranded, my daughter her partner and 2 dogs are stranded in a motor home. What help will they get? What about sanitation, drinking water, food. You can only hold so much in a motor home? What about the dogs, exercise, food, as they have special diets.
Any help.or advice is welcome

By Ms Joanne Cole from UK on 18-03-2020 08:29

News for return to England

By margaret hewitt from Algarve on 18-03-2020 08:08

When are ppl going to wake up to this Hocus Pocus lies

By Michael Corcoran from Lisbon on 18-03-2020 07:10

What is the law in this containment in regards to tending and watering the vegetable and fruit gardening on plot/ allotment and same question about dog walking?

By Chris jones l from Beiras on 18-03-2020 06:05
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