State of emergency as of 00:00 on Thursday

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The state of emergency, declared by the President to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, comes into force at 00:00 on Thursday and lasts until 23:59 on 02 April, according to the decree published in Diário da República.

The state of emergency was proposed by the President of the Republic, had the favorable opinion of the Government and was approved by the parliament.

The decree allows for exceptional measures such as compulsory compulsory confinement of citizens at home and restrictions on circulation on public roads, unless justified, among others.


It's very important to take all measures necessary to prevent the infection and transmission of the Wuhan virus and I believe we all want to comply with all of Portugal's directives. However, it would be a really great help if we could all be better informed of what the law is. Also, given the high contingency of English speaking people here and that Portugal encourages expatriation to Portugal primarily from English speaking countries, and especially given the seriousness of all this, maybe it wouldn't hurt too much to provide the important information in English?

By August from Algarve on 19-03-2020 06:27

We are parked in the camper on the west coast,faro district. The police called to the car park earlier and asked some people who had a tent beside there van to repark neatly in the allotted car park spaces.

No mention of moving to camping grounds, as ive heard (but not witnessed).

A que going into lidl day before yesterday, one in one out. All seems fairly relaxed despite the state of emergency. Some people moving around but we have limited our contact with others and will be moving cycling to the shop.

No road blocks or anything like that, but its rural here. Advice to vans is stay put and sit tight, dont annoy police by cruising around.

Paddy, Diane, Rosie

By Paddy kilbane from Algarve on 19-03-2020 03:57

In response to DJ from USA who is currently in Lagos.

Walking around is not an issue nor restricted - plenty of people are out and about in Lagos, all keeping a safe distance from others as required, so until we're advised otherwise I'll be doing likewise and getting out on my bike (also seen in good numbers today).

Driving also not an issue - I've just got back from Faro airport after dropping my wife there for her revised flight to UK (mine next week fingers crossed however regretfully so).
Again no issues incurred, police or otherwise, to and from the airport and plenty of other road users in evidence.

As for food shopping the orderly queuing system continues at all supermarkets etc however if you're quarantined that's a tricky one - hopefully you have a helpful neighbour who will assist however best wishes in it not coming to that.

To my knowledge there is no lock down so continue to enjoy lovely Lagos and be sensible in every way required, as we all have to be.

May sound trite however please continue to enjoy your holiday during these very challenging times.

My wife and I will be back here as soon as is practicably possible.

I consider that TPN is keeping us as well advised as possible and will continue to do so if any further details come available ; don't shoot the messenger!

By Alasdair Gordon from Algarve on 19-03-2020 03:05

What is the matter with people if you abide by the confinement then it will all get back to normal quicker.
And life may go back to normal. If you ignore the confinement then it goes on for months.

By D from Algarve on 19-03-2020 01:59

For what i understand of my husband ( portuguese) there will be more specific info later. so for now stay home, when feel sick call the doctor! for more info

By Mica from Lisbon on 19-03-2020 01:46

Hey DJ,

How about ranting less and using your brain a bit more.

The news on Portuguese television explained last night clearly enough for anybody prepared to learn even the most absolute basic Portuguese language.

Personally, I have been bombarded with information, SMS messages, leafleting etc. and I live in the back end of beyond, we are using aguardente as a hand sterilizer for example.
Please stop having a dig at the people who are doing a great job running this website.
If you can bear to re-read the headline it states for example, "lasts until 23:59 on 2 April".

Obviously, if you own "The Portuguese News" then carry on.

By John Mitchell from Beiras on 19-03-2020 01:40

@ DJ: (I'm just a reader too)

They cant tell you what to do yet as right now PRT only has the power to enforce certain measures by declaring the state of emergency, but no measures are in place yet as far as I understand.

By Kevin from Lisbon on 19-03-2020 11:45

We are in Lagos, and your Newspaper, on line, WOULD be a great place for MORE details on how much we are Restricted? Here are questions that ANYONE would like to know: 1) CAN WE WALK AROUND? 2) CAN I DRIVE. 3) HOW do we get food (if we are Quarantined??))? 4) How long will the LOCKDOWN last if there is one, as your article on this page tells us NOTHING but when it begins (today, 19 Mar 2020). Your work to bring better, and more, information to English Speaking foreigners is an IMPORTANT JOB.

By DJ from USA on 19-03-2020 10:22

This is very scarce on any detail whatsoever.

By Dave from Algarve on 19-03-2020 09:54

Very Good and strong decision from the Government. God bless Portugal and rest of the world.

By Sujan Kumar from Lisbon on 19-03-2020 09:13

On holiday at present and this gives us Brits who do not, unfortunately, speak Portuguese a better understanding of what will happen over the next 15 days. Supermarket shopping only I think. The weather makes up for it all though. Thank you for posting this

By Lynda Ross from Algarve on 19-03-2020 08:21
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