The BE's Nationality Bill will be debated on December 11, and initiatives by other parties could be dragged on.

On December 19, several petitions will be debated, including one that calls for the reversal of the privatisation of CTT, accompanied by bills with the same intent as the CFP, BE and ENP, and another on the mode and time of recovery from frozen public service time, which has already associated a PCP diploma that calls for full accounting of all service time of careers and special bodies.

In the last legislature, Prime Minister António Costa threatened to resign if the count of all the length of service that had been frozen to the teachers was approved, which did not happen.

The conference of leaders scheduled all the plenary sessions of December and January (occupied by the discussion of the State Budget), beginning on 4 December with a session devoted entirely to political statements, with days 05 and 06 reserved for parliamentary days of the PCP.

The following week, plenary sessions were scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so that the fortnightly debate with Prime Minister António Costa could be held on 10 December, followed by the preparatory discussion of the European Council on following.

On 11 December, in addition to the BE's initiative on nationality law, plenary initiatives from the PS on parenting in the event of a serious illness, the PS and PAN on alternate residence, the PCP on the warranty period for appliances and PSD resolutions on territorial mobility and the CDS on ADSE enlargement, go up.

On 12 December, parliament debates ENP initiatives on asbestos removal in public buildings, BE on domestic violence, CDS on former combatant status and PSD resolutions on late payment of pensions, PCP on hiring educational assistants and the NAP on awarding the Citizen Card to homeless people.

The plenary of 18 December will be devoted to political statements, followed by the 19th debate on a draft Azores law on the national maritime space and various petitions, including CTT and counting of service time.

For the 20th, more petitions and several elections for public entities were scheduled: National Election Commission, Economic and Social Council, Superior Council of the Judiciary and Superior Council of the Public Prosecution Service.

Applications to all these bodies will have to be submitted by 4 December.

Spokesman for the conference of leaders, Social Democrat Duarte Pacheco, also said that the election scheduled for Friday by a Constitutional Court judge was postponed - at the request of the PS, because in January the term of office of another member of the same body will end and can be replaced simultaneously - and for the Superior Council of National Defense, because there were no candidates.