The protesters leading the procession, where there were several union structures that marked the demonstration, were grabbing the giant stripe and preparing to begin the procession to parliament.

There was also a green, yellow and red banner with the inscription Zero Movement, an inorganic social movement created in May this year by PSP and GNR members who, according to their Facebook page, fight for "appreciation, dignity and respect" of security forces.

The vast majority of the members of the GNR and PSP who joined the protest wear white Xero Movement nightgowns and have manifested their whistling and showing various posters with their claims.

Buses continued to arrive at the protest meeting point and, according to the organization's source, from the north of the country came at least 20.

Among the demands of the GNR police and military class is the payment of risk allowance, salary updating and remuneration supplements, and more and better personal protective equipment.