Portugal among 10 countries with best migrant integration policies

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Portugal has been listed among a group of ten countries with the best integration policies for migrants.

This is according to an assessment of 52 states that highlights the fight against discrimination or family reunification as strengths. According to the Index of Policies for the Integration of Migrants (MIPEX), based on data from 2019 and presented yesterday in Lisbon, Portugal has improved its policies for the integration of migrants in recent years, especially in health and education, earning the country 81 points on a scale of 1 to 100.


It is so easy for an EU passport holder to obtain residency in Portugal, especially if married to a Portuguese citizen. Jose Nogueira has either not actually attempted to get residencia here for his Irish wife, or he has been horribly misled. Go to your concelho and ask, it will take less than 10 minutes for her to apply and in a couple weeks she will have her residency. This is not a reason to hate displaced people who come here with good intentions

By Virgina from Beiras on 01-11-2020 01:38

Its a shame he government does more for the illegal so called migrants than what they do for legal imagrants .I'm Portuguese and I have a Irish wife , married for 26 years yet there is so much red tape to apply for residency for her its ludicrous she is even required to submit a police clearance certificate it's been 4 years and we are still waiting for her application to be accepted yet these ****** land here illegally most I'm sure fleeing the law in thair own countries and we are supposed to accept them and maintain them and what is even laughable is that they are give residency no questions asked. It's a joke as far as I'm concerned they should all F off back to where they cam from.
That is what you should be reporting on !

By jose Nogueira from Algarve on 29-10-2020 01:04
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