More information gathering in Madeleine McCann case

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German and British authorities have allegedly been back in Portugal to gather more information in the Madeleine McCann case.

According to reports, they have also returned to gather evidence to form accusations against a German national identified as Christian B. – who is a suspect in Madeline’s disappearance from a holiday resort in Praia da Luz in May 2007 – in another two cases. They are said to have met with Portuguese PJ police in Lisbon to profile the suspect and exchange information. The German, who is currently serving a prison sentence in Germany for raping a 72-year-old woman in Portugal, denies any involvement in Madeline’s disappearance.


Accusing the parents is easy , and nothing new. The parents of a missing American boy , Jacob Wetterling (11) had to live through a nightmare of accusations until , surprise surprise,twenty seven years later the true murderer confessed. I do think the McCann's should have taken more care , but then again , my parents left me alone for the night in a holiday hotel while they took in a show and that was over fifty years ago.I suspect the German Police have all the evidence they need and things will hopefully move ahead at last. Whoever is responsible should be put to death.

By barry from UK on 01-11-2020 02:01

They say perpetrators often return to the scene of their crime. Seeking attention, they sometimes reveal details that only they would know........what have you got to say for yourself Mike? Hmmmmm? Seriously though, I hope they finally solve this case so a movie can be made. And including Mike's experience will add to the intrigue!

By William from Other on 29-10-2020 03:46

Wow michael this is amazing information. I somewhat feel that when they ( the mccanns) got the keys of the church to go whenever they wanted to go pray... have put her body into the coffin that was in the church and ready for cremation this would make sense as the mccanns are sure she can never be found. Sounds like you could be onto something that could solve this case. Keep up the good work goodluck

By Sean Jackson from UK on 29-10-2020 03:29

People say oh but it clearly can't be the parents because they are so sad and devestated but it's not that hard to put it on.
Anyways why would amazing caring living parents leave their children home alone at night in somewhere they don't know. It's just daft.
If you think about it this case has been going on for years the only people who have not been questioned is the parents. It's unreal how people just assumed that it's not the parents because they are crying. I think even if it wasn't the parents and they did justeave them and go for a meal they would of at least drugged the kids because none of the kids woke up. Surely u would wake up if someone broke into the house and made line started screaming! They probably drugged them so when they went had took her the parents didn't wake up the others so they couldnt tell anyone what they saw.

By Bon from Other on 29-10-2020 01:36

Yous in Portugal are mental. Brain washed by your police. Yes they left her to sleep while in the bar but there is no evidence they hurt their own child. Portugal trying to protect its tourism. Your corrupt and inept police should hang their heads in shame.

By Jason Smith from UK on 29-10-2020 10:45

They know he's guilty he video everything!

By Johann Arocho from Other on 29-10-2020 10:21

Why do they keep pointing the finger at their parents. Can’t they see how devastated they are. Why hurt them any more than they are hurting. They know they done wrong but my God they are paying for leaving her in the very worst way possible. They still hope to find her alive and I pray that they do, but the evidence they have on that German in jail says something different. God Bless them they are in my prayers. Sally. UK

By Sally from UK on 29-10-2020 10:09

Why only 4 years he is a man that belongs behind bars it is not he's first crime.

By Mp69 from Other on 29-10-2020 04:21

They know so they need to arrest him, he has done so much crime he needs to be in jail anyway.

By Karen Funderburke from USA on 29-10-2020 04:07

2 weeks after Madeline went missing I saw in a vision Kate was on a double rock with a shovel in her hand Gerry pulled Kate up of the rock ,there was no other way Kate could get up,I believe Madeline was put under this rock .why would spirit show me this .

By Irene from UK on 28-10-2020 10:55

Why haven't her parents been arrested for neglect?! What kind parent leaves their children alone in a foreign country?! If they had looked after her like they were supposed to the poor girl wouldn't of been kidnapped in the first place!

By Chloe from UK on 28-10-2020 09:40

Please look at the parents they are the ones who hurt Madeleine please search any ruins of grounds near tennis courts .and you will find in a bag tennis court holdall blue in colour .ask the father of these facts .mother knows what was done .... Please get some one to look at Thier faces when asked these questions ...there is a bench nearby where this blue bag is and she is inside ...sadly the parents have managed to keep till all underwraps as no one thinks they are at fault ...don't go blaming the wrong person /s although they have done bad in they life time ...
Please take me seriously .go back to the place in Portugal and search old ruins of ground ....

By Helen Thomas from UK on 28-10-2020 08:18

The parents are the problem not any one else take their twins off them then the truth will come out

By Oscar from UK on 28-10-2020 06:54

Just to say Bruckner knows he has murdered poor Maddie and he is 100% liable for the crime you all know he's done it and regards to Kate and Gerry stop putting them through the heart ache just tell Bruckner to says we're he's put her body for a closure to this sad case once and fall all he admitted things regarding Maddie in a drunk state he deserves to be battered by inmates as he's a evil person and knows what he had done

By Jayne from UK on 28-10-2020 06:54

Madeleine was not abducted from apartment 5A. Taken yes, but not by a p@edo. We already know by whom... Where to is the question!!?

By G from UK on 28-10-2020 05:12

I’m quite sure the parents are innocent and they’ve never given up the search for wee Madeline and hopefully more paedos have been found in the search for Maddeline. If this German man who’s in jail at the moment used his phone close to the apartment and perhaps had been watching the family and also was exposing himself in the play ground to some kids in Portugal , then is this a coincidence . l don’t think so ?? Also the horrible trolls Put blame on the parents. I’m thinking the German suspect should be held in jail , until all evidence is found and who knows how many people involved in her kidnapping and if was my child , we would go on looking forever, so there can be justice for Madeline , closure and peace. The German suspect if was free , he would strike again ! ! Him and other people may have been involved and it’s horrible not knowing what happened to Madeline!! The German is the closest suspect so far and it seems he’s hidden evidence and so many years has passed. He should not be free and he knows what happened. He’s a Paedo and a prime suspect, so keep him locked up ! The Portuguese police were to slow to act and shifted the blame on the parents! They’ve been through hell !

By Jan from UK on 28-10-2020 05:01

The German police have video evidence of madie they know what happened its all been recorded.

By Ivy from UK on 28-10-2020 04:33

I have some information regarding a derelict building across the street where the church is in Pria De Luz. I visited Pria De Luz in June 2010, and stayed in one of the apartments (door number 6A) in block 6 of the Ocean Club. The Portuguese police handled part of their original investigation into the disappearence of Madeliene McCann, from the same apartment I stayed in during my stay there.

I discovered what looked like a shallow grave which is located in the far left hand corner of the rear garden of the derelict building. It had been dug in a small hollow and tall reeds grew between the makeshift grave and the back wall of the garden. Discarded nearby was a metal bar which somebody must have used to prize rocks from the ground of the grave. The vast majority of the rear garden was covered with piles of garden waste, and sawn off tree trunks. Which searching amongst this garden waste I stumbled on a piece of what I now believe was a human bone. I took photographs of the grave and surrounding areas, including a few photographs of the piece of bone which I placed on top of a piece of sawn tree trunks, and I left it there. When I entered the derelict building, there was rubbish and junk strewn about from room to room. I found a checked shirt, along with a pair of blue denim Jean's, and a dark blue lagoon, which someone had tried to conceal beneath a wooden door. I photographed these items, and left them on the floor. In another part of the derelict building No. 5A (pescadores street name), it was obvious to me that whoever have been staying there, had been using drugs, and on a makeshift table I found a plastic tube of 'BAYGON' insecticide which I took a photograph of. In another room of the bungalow which had pink paint on its walls, was a single bed mattress which had been placed several inches from the external wall of the room. I took photographs. At the front of this room was a window which had net curtains up at it. The view from that window looks directly across the street to the entrance doors of the church. I took more photographs. I should also point out that I took a photograph with me standing with my feet on top of the aforementioned shallow grave in the hollow, looking towards St Vincent's Church. I could see the church spire from where I was standing. I photographed the view. It felt to me as though someone had deliberately buried something of interest in that shallow grave, situated not too far off the hallowed ground of the church across the street. I believe that Madeleines remains or items of her clothing were/are discarded in the grave I found. It seemed somewhat odd that this shallow grave was dug out, when all over the rest of the garden garden waste, wood and general rubbish was discarded all over the place. The PJ once suspected the McCann parents from getting rid of their daughters body by concealing it underneath the Church. I think they were looking in the wrong place, they never searched the derelict building or its gardens. I sent copies of all the photographs that I took at the time, to the PJ once I returned home to the UK.

I carried out similar searches in close proximity of the derelict building, church, etc which I also took photograph of...

I have further information about these other locations which I think could be relevant to the police investigations..

Mike Teskowski

By Michael Teskowski from UK on 28-10-2020 04:22

They are all asking the wrong question.
The issue is not "Which paed*** abducted Madeleine on 3/5/7 ?"
It is "What happened to Madeleine?"

By PM from Other on 28-10-2020 10:11
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