Portugal fails to make savings

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Portugal is an aged country, with elderly people living alone, which struggles to make savings and where work is precarious, employers and employees have low levels of education and there are few women in the police.

This is according to a publication by contemporary national database Pordata released yesterday. The “Portrait of Portugal in Europe” – 2020 edition - gathers data from the European Union (EU) statistics office Eurostat, and compares Portugal’s socio-economic indicators with the remaining 26 Member States.


Goodness, you have chosen some sad pickings from the statistics.
Actually, overall, Portugal doesn't fare badly in comparison with other European countries.
But when it comes to children and young people, what is happening with their education and career opportunities? Early school leavers' rate higher than European average. And 50 % of working-age population lacking upper secondary or tertiary education. Trust and invest in your youth, Portugal! They are your future.

By Annie from Algarve on 21-10-2020 10:31

Why can't the youth in this country,work here,the answer is simple, because the salaries is too low,as compare to other neighboring countries, the government must invent some mechanism to normalize this problems for the youth to grow in their own motherland.God bless Portugal

By Agyei bismark from Porto on 21-10-2020 03:21

@BD Condell from Algarve

If the economists knew what they were doing this report would not exist.

We need people from outside the "box" to put these problems right.

Maybe you are right, BD Condell from Algarve, mechanics, builders and other less educated (see report) in Portugal should keep their heads down, a*** up and be thankful for what comes their way.

Lots of love Steve

By Love Steve from Alentejo on 21-10-2020 12:20

I was in Portugal and Germany for few years, The problem with the Portugal and rest of the EU is the common language, everyone has their own languages and they’re fighting with each other to prove the control of their language over other. There must be a common language in EU, May be English or any other, but they’ve to decide and make mandatory for everyone to learn that language so that all can communicate with each other.

If EU don’t solve this problem now, they can not be United and that will be the end of an era!!

By Parth from Other on 21-10-2020 12:03

Ask the political parties where the money goes
They are the most corrupt people

By D J A Rodrigues from Other on 20-10-2020 08:24

@Love Steve from Alentejo

That's why he's a mechanic, not an economist.

By BD Condell from Algarve on 20-10-2020 04:30

And,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,spending ,,,,1.2 BILLION for a bankrupt national airline,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Costa suffering mad cow disease ???

By Matthias Stoermer from Lisbon on 20-10-2020 03:02

Sat outside SEF office waiting to be treated like a dog, spoke to man from Mumbai.
Asked him which country is most difficult to earn money, Portugal or India?
" Easy, Portugal" no hesitation.
Crying came to mind.
My Portuguese mechanic reckons if you evaluate geography, weather, nutrition and tourism, with the Portuguese mind frame for not starting wars, Portugal should be richer than Switzerland!
Question. Who has got all the money?
Love Steve

By Love Steve from Alentejo on 20-10-2020 01:15

So far most of the elderly people are good, they're much friendly, they love their country... They don't want to left their country. Income is low that's true but for that reason elderly people aren’t responsible. Rather government should try to increase this level in comparison of other Schengen countries. Good luck to all!

By Jewel Reja from Lisbon on 20-10-2020 12:30

But ss long as we wear a face mask, anti-social distancing and of course install the corona app; we are good........

By Pedro from Lisbon on 20-10-2020 11:15
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