Portugal first to win Accessible Tourism award

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Portugal is the first country to receive the “Accessible Tourism Destination” award from the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), which recognises the effort in promoting accessibility.

“Portugal is the only country to have received this distinction, which is awarded for the first time this year by WTO in partnership with the ONCE Foundation, and which recognises Portugal’s efforts to promote tourism accessibility”, the ministry of economy said.

The distinction was awarded during the 23rd General Assembly of the WTO, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

According to the Portuguese government, there are 90 million tourists with specific mobility needs in Europe alone, “so this distinction is very important to position Portugal as a leader in accessibility”.

The secretary of state for tourism, Ana Mendes Godinho, added that this award was “a great boost for Portugal to become the most inclusive destination in the world”.

“This government has taken steps towards transforming Portugal in a truly inclusive country. There is no going back”, Ana Sofia Antunes, the secretary of state for the inclusion of people with disabilities, said.

Furthermore, in 2016 the ‘All for All’ programme was launched, with the aim of empowering Portuguese tourism and creating accessible routes throughout the country.

According to data from the ministry of economy, 116 projects have been supported so far, representing an investment of €20 million and support of €14 million.


Hi R. from Lisbon on 18-09-2019,
there's a huge difference in accessibility to wheelchair users between the older, hilly parts of the city, say Alfama, and the newer constructed or renovated parts along the river. I've followed the accessibility work of the city since 1986 and see a remarkable improvement. I love to visit Lisbon for work and pleasure and I use a heavy power wheelchair!

By Adolf D Ratzka from Other on 11-02-2020 01:34

I have disability, my right leg short 50% orthopedic disability. Travel is my passion and i travelled more than five countries. Can you help me travel purpose.

By RENJITH KUMAR K R from Other on 23-09-2019 06:05

I'd like to see a source, seems like FAKE NEWS since mobility is a complete disaster in Lisbon. Try taking a wheelchair and go around, try cycling without being pushed off the road. Try even the sidewalks, that just end in the middle if nowhere without another solution than walking on the main road.

By R. from Lisbon on 18-09-2019 09:32

Due to a bad Portuguese surgeon I have limited mobility. I need crutches, or a rollator. Use a mobility scooter. The trains and buses care not accessible. The roads do not have proper cut-outs forcing me into traffic. I can not attend public meetings as they are on the 2nd floor. Take that award away.

By Constance Houck from Algarve on 14-09-2019 09:09
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